How do I use CAB SDK?

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May 28, 2008
  1. robswe

    robswe TS Rookie

    Thanks for a great Guide. But when Windows has copied the files to the external disk before the real install of Windows and reboots for the first time, its stop before any Windows Logo appear, i have change the Boot Order but no results. Just "Disk Boot Error" and the lamp on the harddrive goes out. Any idea?

    Two screenshots, dont forget to change the "xx" to "tt":

  2. killbob

    killbob TS Rookie

    hello, i'm new on this forum. and i recently reformated my hd on my laptop. unfortunetly i had removed the hd, and conected it to an usb external hd case , and used another laptop to reformate the drive, now i'm trying to install xp onto it. while its still conected to the usb hd encloser, and i fallowed the instructions, that i found on this forum, and i'm running into the same problems as andros_forever is. can anyone help me out
  3. kenchisho

    kenchisho TS Rookie

    hi guys. i tried doing this last night. i have a compaq nc6000 with no internal hdd.

    i edited the IN_ and other files as mentioned earlier in the forum. Burnt the CD and started the install. The install finished withut a single problem but after the instalation tzhe windows would not boot normaly.

    I can boot it to safe mode but when i try to boot normaly i get a blue screen for a split second and the laptop reboots.

    has anyone any ideas?

    can anyone send me the bellow mentioned second set of files to compare... thnx


    finaly... got it working with the first disk i made... wasn't the files or BIOS... every time i tried booting my laptop with line power it failed... than by accident when i moved the laptop the mains disconnected and the laptop booted up nicely... i tested it quite a few times and it's the same allways... boots on batery power fails on mains...

    anyone got any ideas? :):):)

    thank you guys for the tutorials and info...
  4. jtalley

    jtalley TS Rookie


    I am sure you are tired of helping people with this, but I need your help. You uploaded a Zip file on 06-02-08. It is no longer good. I have the files ready, but I am having the same problem with the SDK unpack. The screen appears and disappears. Can you help?

    Jtalley in Dallas
  5. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    This one?
    All the zip was, just a document, actually here it is:
    But nobardin made a better guide here: How to install and boot windows on an external (USB) hard drive ;)
  6. davewarwickbass

    davewarwickbass TS Rookie

    Installation error

    Managed to make the modified ISO file with a bit of trial, error and improvisation.
    When trying to install XP on my USB flash drive, when the files are being unpacked, I get an error message saying "The file iaStor.sys could not be found, and installation stops.
  7. Reo

    Reo TS Rookie

    Run run run .. works like a charm

    Create a folder where you unzip the CABsdk files : For ex .H:\FIX
    Then you need to run Cabarc inside the BIN folder in the created folder FIX ..

    Run Cabarc from RUN in START

    By pasting these lines in RUN you actually run and extract the files needed





    TADA! And good luck with playing your old school games on your Win Xp ..
    I guess thats the whole idea of creating win xp on a usb stick ..

    ps : Different Cabarc Commands

    L Used to list the contents of a cabinet.
    N Used to create a cabinet file.
    X Used to extract single or multiple files from the cabinet.
    -c Confirms the files to be operated upon
    -o Overwrites without confirming when extracting
    -m Sets the type of compression to use to LZX:<15..21>, MSZIP, or NONE. The default is MSZIP
    -p Used to preserve path names
    -P Used to strip a specified prefix from files when they are added
    -r Used to recurse into subdirectories when adding files
    -s Used to reserve space in the cabinet for signing. For example, -s 6144 reserves 6k.
    -I Used to set the ID of the cabinet when creating a cabinet. The default is 0.
  8. greasyUbuntu

    greasyUbuntu TS Rookie

    Thanks for the hard work everyone has put into this thread! I recently found a Acer Aspire One at Costco for 299$. I wanted to test the new version of Ubuntu (Jaunty Jackalope) but I wanted to keep WinXP for some pcb software I use. I initially wanted to just put the original 2.5" WinXP drive in an IcyDock usb enclosure and boot WinXP that way, but I quickly found it did not work. Secondly, I ordered the backup cd that did'nt come with the Acer for around 32$. Using this and other guides, I found the backup cd does not contain the files you need to edit. Some of the files exist as '.sys' files. It seems the way the install cd is built precludes doing this kind of editing. Next, I am in the process of using an old (2004) WinXP disk I had on a previous computer. I will post results when its done. Now for the reason why. Ubuntu is updated every 6 months with new and shiny software. Bugs do appear, but the OS gets better and better with each upgrade. I want to keep my WinXP install on a completely separate drive to avoid destroying WinXP data when I do my Ubuntu upgrade. I did not want a dual boot drive. I have also used VMWare on Ubuntu to run WinXP as a virtual machine, but this uses so many resources (cpu and memory), my Lenovo T61 runs hot enough to heat my coffee. I did not dare try this combo on my less powerful Acer Aspire One. The Acer is a fantastic little computer with a very bright screen, and it runs cool enough I can put it on my chest or lap and surf into the night. Thanks again!
  9. s30906

    s30906 TS Rookie

    hey nobardin i couldn't understand ur proceedure.Could u plz cover all the steps in a simple & clear way .I download the cabsdk zip file in my desktop & i m not familiar with dos so pls tell me what to type & how to type in dos plzzzzzzzzzz.thanks
  10. philstar

    philstar TS Rookie

    I tried to do this, when I used the files downloaded from nobardin it expects a version of of XP with integrated SP2, and mine doesn’t ( its only got SP1), so that didn't work. ( is there and easy way of integrating SP2),

    so I tried to edit my own files, and it did not work :(. would install but the drive would not boot after installation (so could not finish the installation)

    my version did not have the lines "usbehci = usbehci.sys" , "usbehci = "Enhanced Host Controller",files.usbehci,usbehci"

    so it did not add them could this be the problem..

    when I look at the USB drive after booting on my normal hard drive its missing a lot of files ?

    on a side note is the an easy way of installing SATA drives into a XP ISO so they install? My floppy drive just died :(
    {edit: I found instruction on this, have not tried it yet }
  11. s30906

    s30906 TS Rookie

    hI NOBARDIN when i try to navigate the extracted files in the cmd window through cabarc exe it says "unable to open "d:\xxx\USBSTOR.IN",for input.could u fix it .thanks
  12. philstar

    philstar TS Rookie

    is it "d:\xxx\USBSTOR.IN", or "d:\xxx\USBSTOR.IN_",?
  13. philstar

    philstar TS Rookie

    ive got a bit further now but I get almost the same problem as orkodan

    STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7C4f640, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    at the end of the install when it does its last reboot.

    it works fine when I install it on a virtual machine, any Ideas?
  14. sabanknight

    sabanknight TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Quick question for this process do you have to download the sdk tools or are they installed with windows if the later where? I have yet to find them on my drive and no download info was provides so... am I missing somthing?
  15. bboyairwreck

    bboyairwreck TS Rookie

    hey so how did you convert the inf files back to in_.?
  16. sidd258

    sidd258 TS Rookie

    please could anyone send me the second sets of files,as to load OS in my external hard disk.
    I have followed all the steps and wasted lot of time in please do send me the required files...........
  17. sidd258

    sidd258 TS Rookie

    please help me too.............same condition

  18. sidd258

    sidd258 TS Rookie

    please help me too.............same condition

    hello brother,I tried lot and followed all the steps mentioned in the post and got the same result,if you don't mind,could you please send the set of files which you tried for installation.
    you help would be greaty appreciated
  19. rppatric

    rppatric TS Rookie

    INF files

    I tried to follow all the steps, and was doing well. ran into some problem while editing the files, couldnt find and spots that i was supposed to edit. Is there any way i could i get a copy of those files? the link provided in this thread is no longer valid =(.

  20. turbocopter

    turbocopter TS Rookie

    Please help

    I too am in the middle of the same procedure. I cannot see any attachments on the posts that have the guide spoken of earlier or the second set of magical edited files. I would really appreciate either of them if someone would be so kind as to forward them to me. Thanks in advance for your help! -Turbocopter
  21. elcoma

    elcoma TS Rookie

    files to change in XP image

    i make every changes of the files. Just replace, burn and install

    Attached Files:

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      143.5 KB
  22. joshyptoshy

    joshyptoshy TS Rookie

    Hello, if anyone is still here, I'm having trouble recompiling the files back .IN_ Any help would be greatly appreciated
  23. boitzl

    boitzl TS Rookie

    How did this work out for you?

    Hello, I am wondering how this worked out for you? did you eventually get the os bootable?

    I am also Attempting this and am haveing some difficulty. I tried to download the zipped guide for the cab sdk but there was nothing in it.

    If you have any tips, please let me know.

    I am trying to load the os internally first with the modifications, then taking the hard drive out and using it through the usb.

    Any advise would be helpful.

    I know this is a year old thread but it is the only one that I have come accross.

  24. zeravica

    zeravica TS Rookie

    Instal xp sp3 to external hdd

    Laptop is HP nx6125 and i not have internal hdd. I dont now how i install win to external disk. i will download finish disk HELP ME!!!
  25. zeravica

    zeravica TS Rookie

    is it for SP3
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