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Nov 26, 2012
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  1. Just clicked on a phenom II x4 965 black edition, and some thing under the con tab were "hasent caught up to a core i7" and "lacks the performance of high end intel parts."

    I find these incredibly stupid to have listed under an $80 individual users post them or is it a reviewer?
  2. Matthew

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    I assume you're talking about the chip's Product Finder page. The score and pros/cons are aggregated from other tech site reviews (you'll see a list at the bottom of the page). It may seem unfair to compare the chip with Intel's Core i7 series today, but when those reviews were written, the 965 was priced around $250.
  3. ikesmasher

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    And how much did the i7 cost?
    I guess that makes more sense...but seriously how much did the i7 cost at that time...
  4. Julio Franco

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  5. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 2,997   +1,317

    Ah ok, I never expected it would have costed that much in the first place. But thanks

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