how fast should my amd xp2800+ go?

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Jan 3, 2004
  1. i am running a k7s8xe amd xp2800+ on a asrock mother baord, my fan is rated at xp3000, at the moment my actual frequency is 166 mhtz, this gives me about 2.08g/htz in windows xp, i have tried overclocking but cant seem to get more than 2.1 g/htz before crash, is this normal?
  2. tripleione

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    There are many other factors that will contribute to the success of an overclock on the CPU. For example, if your memory isn't quite fast enough to handle the extra speed from the increase of the FSB, it will cause a crash. PCI and AGP cards can also limit your overclock, because many of them don't like being out of spec of the speed of their bus (33MHz and 66MHz respectively; if you have a AGP/PCI lock you don't have to worry about this). And of course the CPU may not like the extra speed it is getting so that could always cause the problem as well.
  3. daveputtock

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    ok so what is the best plan of action?. i dont think its the memory, i have 1024mb 333 ddr ram, has anyone else a xp2800? and what spead are u getting from it?
  4. Steg

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    Yeh, therefore your RAM would be the problem. Your RAM is rated to 333Mhz and you are overclocking it, presumably at stock CAS timings and voltages, and your RAM cant keep up. You could try lowing the CAS timings/upping the RAM voltage and see if that helps.

  5. SubKamran

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    Also, you realize "2800+" does not mean "2.8Ghz" it means "equivalent to a competitors 2.8ghz processor". AMD uses it because some people don't realize ghz isn't everything. They think that because Intel says "We got 3.2ghz CPUs" that AMDs slower CPUs are worse when they are actually quite good.

    I just needed to say that because you *seem* (maybe you don't!) to assume it's supposed to get to 2.8Ghz :)
  6. daveputtock

    daveputtock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    lol fair enough, no i know its not actually 2.8ghtz , but i thought i might get 2.2-2.5 ghtz out of it just from what reading other ppl have managed to get out of theirs!i cant complain my sysytem is really fast maybe im getting greedy? but all the same GIVE ME MORE lol
  7. Nic

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    If you set Vcore to 1.75v, then you'll definitely get 2.3GHz out of it (easily), and *possibly* even 2.4GHz (might require Vcore @ 1.85v to get 2.4). Getting 2.5GHz will require some luck, and good cooling, as you need a good chip to get that speed.
  8. daveputtock

    daveputtock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sounds good ill give that a go and let you know what happened, thanks for your help :)
  9. SubKamran

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    Remember increasing voltage lessens the silicons lifespan :) But I don't know how much... :p

    Also, OC'ing memory helps too. But I am no expert at that so I can't advise.
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