How to add another seperate Hard Drive to RAID 0 setup?

By wookieecrisp
Dec 17, 2009
  1. Hi all,
    I have an Alienware Aurora with 2TB of RAID 0 (2x1TB). I am thinking of adding a Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD to use as boot disk, and then using the 2TB of RAID 0 as data storage. How do I configure this in the BIOS? (or anywhere else if that's the case?)
  2. wookieecrisp

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    Does anyone have help?
  3. captaincranky

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    You Want to do What......?

    Using RAID 0 as a data storage strategy isn't actively courting disaster, it's getting down on one knee and proposing marriage to it!

    The solid state drive should be about as fast as as RAID 0 with mechanical drives.

    I suggest researching RAID 1 as data protection. (Yes, it cuts drive capacity in half). Or, running the system as a JBOD array with the SSD obviously first in the boot order. Here you would manage data backup manually. Harder yes, but this allows you to determine what is essential, and allows you to conserve space.

    How to do this obviously depends on the mobo RAID controller, and which OS is installed. XP must have SATA drivers installed, whereas Win 7 allows SATA natively.

    So, dig out the mobo manual and dive in.
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