How to add missed XP installation files?

By duchmubo
Dec 28, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I have a set of 2 XP CDs (CD1: XP installation w/ SP1, CD2: SP2 CD). I had installed XP in my brother's PC successfully. However, when I intended to install it in my PC, my PC's DVD drive couldn't extract below files: cdosys.dll,, msi.dll, intl.inf, MSIMTF.dll. Although XP installation went to completion, many serious side effects appeared e.g. I couldn't proceed with SP2 installation; installation of many applications such as norton antivirus failed due to msi.dll missed. I knew that the problem should be in my samsung DVD drive since its performance was consistently not good these few months. Since I couldn't buy a new DVD drive in these few days and I have no spare DVD drive to swap with current samsung DVD drive in use, I would like to ask if I could directly copy those missed files to current XP directories? Where should I copy those files if answer to previous question is yes?

    Tks for help!
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