How to Add/Remove programs when safe mode won't work?

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Jan 15, 2010
  1. Greetings,

    I'm having what I believe to be driver issues with XP Pro SP3. I currently cannot even boot in safe mode without getting a BSOD. Does anyone know how I can access my OS to add/remove some of the programs which I think are causing the conflict when I can't even boot in safemode?

    Many thanks!
  2. Ultiweap

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    Normally BSOD is due to Hardware conflict not software. Have you change or add new hardware in or to your computer?

    Try removing every connected to it as example USB Flash drive etc... If you put new hardware recently to it example Ethernet card or something else remove and check it windows boot well.

    Also have you tried the last known good configuration option?
  3. risingTide

    risingTide TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 101

    I have tried the "last know good configuration option" with the same result as all other options...this BSOD:


    Also, I have not added any new hardware in months.

    Here's some more info:

    Over the last few weeks I was getting some random stop errors at various times. They became more frequent and now I cannot even start windows without a stop error. I had begun troubleshooting both my sticks of RAM and both passed MemTest. I haven't added any new hardware recently either. I've also checked my drive with SeaTools for DOS. This is Seagate's HD Diagnositc tools (which also works with Maxtor drives which is what I'm dealing with).

    I'm stuck because I also get the stop error in Safe Mode which I have never had happen before. However, now that it crashes on boot it always gives the same error:

    Also, I'm working on getting my drive to read a copy of UBCD4Win, which I still haven't sucessfully done. And also I'm working on getting SystemRescueCD to work; I've gotten further with that one in that it actually recognizes it as bootable but freezes at various points while booting.

    So, that's why I was wondering if there is any other way I can access my OS to add/remove programs or run diagnostic utilities on it?

    Many thanks.
  4. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Posts: 606

    Try one Easy thing. Try to load A Windows Install CD or DVD and check upon what point it let you go. If it work well thus it may be a problem with your Windows due to a Driver problem or something like that.
  5. risingTide

    risingTide TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 101

    Interesting. I hadn't tried that yet.

    I tried loading my XP Pro CD twice and both times it gave me the following BSOD when it was loading:


    It only gave me the numbers but I found the description on

  6. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Posts: 606

    Ok thus it is a software driver problem.

    Here is the msdn article for it.

    MSDN Article

    Try the method they said and it may help you.

    Also if this do not work try what I said before, Remove one by one every hardware you have in your PC, Network Card etc... or disable it on your BIOS if you can't remove it.

    Hope all this helps.
  7. jmjsquared

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    Hello risingTide.

    Did you resolve your problem?

    Just curious.

  8. risingTide

    risingTide TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 101


    Unfortunately no. Since I was going to rebuild the machine next year anyway (its 8 years old) and upgrade to Windows 7, I'm just going to do it earlier and not bother with all the troubleshooting. This is pretty unlike me, but I just don't have the time and I need a working machine! I have all the data so that part is no big deal...I'm not really "losing" anything.

    I really wish I would have had a better report for you! Sorry!
  9. jmjsquared

    jmjsquared TS Booster Posts: 145

    Sorry to hear that..

    But, before you give up, take a look at this :
    "KNOPPIX is a bootable Live system on CD or DVD, consisting of a representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals."

    It is a killer "Recovery Disc" that does not depend on any pre-installed drivers, files systems, etc. From it, you will be able to boot and troubleshoot your existing setup.

    Also, will a 7 - 8 year-old computer have the hardware to run Windows 7?

    In any event, best of luck.

    ---JMJ :wave:
  10. risingTide

    risingTide TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 101

    Perhaps I should have specified what I meant by "rebuild the machine." I'm getting a new mobo, processor, graphics card, etc. So it'll be fine with Win 7.

    Now I have tried a few other recovery discs like UBCD4Win but I haven't found any software on them that will actually allow me to Add/Remove programs from the bad XP drive. I'll keep Knoppix in mind, but since I'm already spec-ing out a new machine I probably won't take the time at this point. Thanks for the tip though; I appreciate it!
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