How to block massenger chat in windows XP

By Punya
Sep 9, 2008
  1. I am useing OS windows XP sp2 in my PC. i have to block windows live massenger, yahoo massenger and any chat programs. How to block this programs in my PC? if you have any idea. please write suggestion .
  2. jobeard

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    Blocking IM by firewall port controls

    there are programs that do some of this
    but firewall controls will help in some case (other than the lame Windows Firewall)
    by adding rules to DENY specific ports;
    Ports Yahoo! Messenger uses!
    Yahoo! Messenger services uses a variety of ports.
    Service                 Ports
    Chat & Messenger        TCP Port 5050: Client Access only
    Insider/Room Lists      [COLOR="Red"]TCP Port 80: Client Access only [*][/COLOR]
    File Transfer           [COLOR="Red"]TCP Port 80: Server Access.[*][/COLOR]
                            Your ISP may block this port, as its used for web hosting.
                            You can change port in Messenger, Preferences, File Transfer.
    Voice Chat              UDP 5000-5010
                            TCP 5000-5001: Client Access
                            If UDP Fails, TCP will be used instead, see below.
    WebCam                  TCP Port 5100: Client Access
    Super Webcam            TCP Port 5100: Server Access
    P2P Instant Messages    TCP Port 5101: Server Access
    PMs between Buddys may not use the Yahoo! Server, but this is not a requirement.
    [*]You can NOT block port 80 as this is how your browser gets webpages!

    MSN Messenger uses
     port 1863 TCP/UPD
    ICQ & AIM
     Because AIM and ICQ can switch port automatically, so you can not block them only by disable the ports in the firewall. We recommend you to block AIM/icq in two ways:
        * 1). [COLOR="Red"]Block all AIM/ICQ server IP address.[/color]
        * 2). Use firewall which has deep content inspection capabilities. Use firewall which has deep content inspection capabilities to block AIM/icq's P2P function.
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