How to CANCEL Bethesda's Fallout First = FallOut 76

Could someone please tell me how Cancel Bethesda game FallOut 76 or FallOut First? My husband has tried to cancel it but cannot find the method to cancellation. We had a medical emergency in hospital this month that shorted us on money and have cancelled ALL nonessentials because we need all of our money. I am a disabled USAF veteran who is in 5th stage kidney failure so it isn't always easy. We have cancelled everything else that I know of .. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Everquest II, etc. but he can't find the way of cancelling Fallout First which he doesn't intend to play this month anyway. So today I got a pending charge for $12.99 at our bank account which we don't need and can't afford. Come November we will be reupping most of the entertainment but for now it must go. If somebody could please tell me the method of cancellation of FallOut First I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help in advance.