How to clear CMOS using Mobo jumpers

By marklantis
Jan 30, 2009
  1. I am just having an OCD moment. I know I can clear CMOS settings by taking out the battery. But, I am trying to learn how to clear it the "right" way using the MOBO jumpers. Here is the link to the exact Dell GX270 desktop mini-tower I am trying to clear. I believe I followed the instruction, at the bottom of the web page; but the CMOS password prompt requirement is still there. I grounded the MOBO by pushing the power button. I took the shunt off the password jumper and put it on the RTC jumper for about 1minute. I put the shunt back on the password jumper. Although it did reset the RTC, it didnt clear the CMOS password. What am I doing wrong?
  2. raybay

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    The best way, if there is no Clipable jumper, is to remove the batter for an hour or longer. The press the power supply button and hold it in for 12 seconds or more, before you replace the CMOS batter.
    Otherwise, the jumper method varies from computer to computer, and motherboard to motherboard. On manufacturered computers such as Dell, HP, and so on, the jumper technique is located on the service manual you will find online... Same with most motherboards: There will be a place in the manual for shorting plugs or CMOS jumpers, etc.
    Some desktop motherboards, and most laptop motherboards, have actual wires that must be clipped or disconnected.
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