How to determine what programs are safe to remove?

By Sheena314
Jun 17, 2010
  1. Hello, I did a diagnostic report using Norton. Everything came out okay, except for the fact that Norton said I had many (91) programs installed. I have removed some, but don't want to remove a program my computer may need. Is there any way I can determine what programs to remove and what programs are neccessary?

    Here is my computer information:
    Processor type: AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual-core processor tk-55 1.80 GHz

    RAM: 2GB

    Hard Drive size/free space:
    Local Disk (c)-104GB free/140GB
    HP recovery- 754MB free/ 7.35GB

    C: 104GBfree/140GB
    D: 754MBfree/ 7.35GB
    H: 1.03GBfree/1.06GB

    Any help would be great, and if this is in the wrong section, I apologize.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Why do you think you need to remove programs? Everything looks fine as far as space being used. D is low, but I imagine that is some sort of 'recovery' partition, and 99% of users don't install programs to the D drive anyway, so removing programs won't free up space there.
  3. jmjsquared

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    I agree...

    ... with SNGX1275 : Why do you think you need to uninstall any programs at all?

    Assuming for a moment that it is a new computer and you want to remove some of the Manufacturer's "bloat ware" --that is, trial software or software that you won't ever use-- then you need to make that decision. But, since disk-space is not an issue at this time, perhaps you should wait a few months before making any removal decisions. If you want subjective opinions about "good/bad/useless" software installed on your system, then please post a list. I am sure you will get lots of opinions you can weigh.

    Finally, I suggest that you take Norton's recommendations VERY cautiously. I am now testing Norton Internat Security 2011 Beta ( build: and it gives a lot of "false positives".

    Good luck! :wave:
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