How to fix PS2 Port

By ge24
Oct 1, 2008
  1. I would like to narrate first what has happened to my PS2 port, so those willing to help will see my problems as i see it, to avoid miscalculation and irrelative suggestion, Here how it goes, when I turn on the PC the light indicator on the numlock doesn't lit up, but when i press the power button to shut it down the numlock indicator light up for a moment before the system shut down, i tried a different (working) keyboard and a working mouse on my pc (still doesnt work), and i even try the keyboard at my pc to another system which prove that my previous keyboard and mouse is 100% working and in good condition, so i conclude that my PS2 port is the one malfunctioning, is there any way to fix this guys? or am i looking at the problem at the wrong side? how can i fix this if i can't use a keyboard? do i buy a new Mother Board? thanks guys and hope you can help me!

  2. kimsland

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    There may be replies on re-soldering your PS2 connector on your motherboard (but I wouldn't do that)

    Just purchase a USB Keyboard and a USB Mouse

    That is all
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