How to fix RAID error?

By LinusA
Jun 9, 2010
  1. Hey everyone!

    Earlier today my other computer's RAID-0 array broke down from what i now think is one of the HDDs failing. What happens is that the computer wont start, it only searches for the array, then after 2 minutes there's a red bit of text saying "0 ERROR STRIPE 931.52G" and then I'm given options to boot by cd or restart (or go into BIOS). Should be added that I really dont have a clue about what's really causing the problem, but maybe my below method cleans things up?

    Now I'm not very interested in trying to salvage the data on it, so I thought maybe it's easier to just disable RAID, format both HDDs (or whichever one of them that's still working) and start over completely. Now for my questions:

    • Is it doable or is there any easier way?
    • Regardless from where the original failure originated, chances are good that at least one HDD is still working, right?
    • Could I be making things worse by trying? (not interested in the data as mentioned)

    I understand retrieving the lost data and restoring the RAID is a fairly complicated procedure (especially since i don't even really know what's wrong with it) and as I'm only on a basic knowledge level when it comes to hardware failure I'd like to avoid that.

    I'd post specs etc., but I was thinking this generally would be an approach that wouldn't need much of that, tell me if you want it though!

    Hope there's not too much spelling errors, English isn't my native language.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    you are spot on; raid-0 is a nightmare and we try hard to discourage home users from using it.

    *IF* you have the original OEM recovery disk, you can use it.

    *IF* you have a retail CD, load it and perform a Clean Install

    Either way, the installers will find, reformat and install a new OS.
  3. LinkedKube

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    Not many options here at all, as I found out in the past, one fail they all fail basically. This is why I suggest raid 10 or raid 5.
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