How to identify your webcam (and then find its driver)


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@Panisher - From what I see the ednet brand was sold to assman, so the former website no forwards to the new owner.
Unfortunately there is no support online yet, so you could try emailing them.
On the other hand the webcam uses a PixArt\Pac7302 webcam chip, which is used by other manufacturers as well, so a compatible driver might work. The Trust WB-3320X Webcam uses the same chip, as well as the Samsung PLEOMAX PWC-2100.
My webcam's hardware id is usb\vid_043d&pid_008f&mi_00 is there any driver 4 it. It is not shown in device manager nor in imaging devces. When it works it shows webcam 101 under imaging devices.
Please help I have Product- compaq presario C700 C784TU notebook, Product no.- FF370PA#ACJ with windows 7 (sp 1) installed and I m unable to find driver for my webcam from past 2 years.


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My webcam's hardware id is usb\vid_043d&pid_008f&mi_00 is there any driver 4 it. It is not shown in device manager nor in imaging devces. When it works it shows webcam 101 under imaging devices.
Hi Subham

If cam shows up sometimes in DevMgr and other times not, then it sounds like it's an intermittent hardware problem with your web cam and not a driver issue :(

fyi... Windows doesn't need a driver to detect a Plug and Play device (like a webcam). It only needs the driver to use the device functionality. Also, by default, DevMgr only displays that devices the Windows can detect. So when cam is working it's detected and appears, but when h/w fails it disappears from DevMgr. Sorry, but sounds like you need to buy a new cam
My webcam id is {82873f76-3962-11e2-aed3-8000600fe800}
It`s rather old and I can`t find any drivers for it...can you help me out ?
or this one...I don`t really know


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Your cam hardware ID is USB\VID_05A9&PID_8519&MI_00. Create a System Restore point first. Then try the driver HERE. It's a match for your ID but don't know which versions of Windows it supports. Let us know what Windows you're running and if it works.

Extract the files and save in a folder on your Desktop. Note the extracted files includes a folder named "Webcam Driver".

> Open Device Manager, right click the cam, select Update Driver, the Hardware Update Wizard should appear
> Select No, not this time, then Next
> Select Install from a list or location, then Next
> Check Include this location in the search then Browse to folder Webcam Driver on your Desktop, click Next

The driver should install. If you get a pop-up about not Windows Logo tested, just click Continue Anyway


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I have a driver named


please help me with its driver
Looks like that's a camera from eMPIA. Go their support site HERE and download their USB PC Camera driver.
I looked in the driver setup file. It's comment sections only mentions: Windows 2000, XP and Vista. If you're running Win 7, I'd still try. I don't know if it;s only a 32bit driver or will also work if you a 64bit OS.

In any case, be sure to create a system restore point before you trying installing the driver.


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Not sure which versions of Windows it supports but try the link below.

Create a System Restore point first, then download HERE and run the executable
Hi.. I need the Driver for this..
The other Ids is this...
I looked forever and couldn't find it....
So I got the second download, The first and second we tried.. But I can't get it to work still.. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on these things... But This is what the camera looks like.. Idk maybe I looked up the wrong info.. But thats what the Ids were...


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Hi Sonia...
No Apologies are needed. And I doubt you have the wrong information.
I believe these links I found for you should provide drivers that work.

As for helping you further...
LookinAround is actually better at this than I am,
and he was the one who wrote this tutorial.
Maybe he will jump in with some guidance.

From your note, I am assuming that you were able to use the downloaded drivers to try to get your camera to work.
Could you describe, step by step, what you did?

And ... meanwhile, to try to help you get there...
1. Do you have a brand on the webcam? (This might provide another angle from which to search.)
(Though often the same drivers will be used by hardware sold under multiple brand names).

2. What operating system are you running? (XP, Win7, other?)
(The exact steps will vary a little, though if you are computer savvy, you can usually make the translation)

IF Windows reports that your driver is up to date, and the device is working properly,
your issue may not be a driver issue, but rather a utility with which to use the Camera.
This is one possibility for you, available here on Techspot.

There are a number of free utilities on CNET.
CNET downloads include use of a system that tries to get you to add unneeded and unwanted software.
If I were you I would uncheck any software they want to load on your system
besides the particular software you wanted.
Watch the installation process carefully.

Assuming that you really do need to update the driver,
Either LookinAround, or I, (or another) will step through a process for you.


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I need some help with my built-in webcam, here's some info:

model: asus m51sn
I was trying to update my webcam driver and after updating it stopped working. I found out the Hardware ID has changed.
USB\VID_174F&PID_5A31 - before update
USB\VID_0C45&PID_62C0 - after update

I have tried installing through asus website and It always say device updated successfully and working but whenever I turn on my webcam the screen is black. This has gone on for many days now. Please help thank you.

I installed all of the m51sn compatible drivers to no avail. None of the drivers were labelled USB\VID_0C45&PID_62C0.


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Hello DannyK
Have you tried uninstalling the driver?
This will also uninstall the "hardware".
Then scan for hardware changes.
I would do this offline, so it does not go online automatically to update / install the driver.
Then, check the ids again. THESE are the ids you will want.
It looks like you have managed somehow to get wrong drivers.
This should put you on track to an automatic "fix".
As far as I know, unless you change the hardware, these id numbers should not change.
Let us know if this helps.


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Out of curiosity what version of windows are you running?

As to those hardware IDs, they're burned into the device firmware by the device vendor when its manufactured. So, as B00kWyrm already noted, those IDs only change if you were to change to a different device. (With one interesting and rare caveat. See below). So the case you describe is very strange. You sure you didn't connect another webcam at one time? Maybe a look at your device manager info may have a clue. See [FONT=Arial]How To Report Your Computer's Device Manager Data. Attach a tab delimited txt file, per its instructions.[/FONT]

p.s. B00kWrym, good work. (y) :) Only ONE time helping here on TechSpot, did I see someone upload a driver for their USB wireless card and the Hardware ID actually changed! After a closer look at the update file, I discovered the vendor listed it as a "driver update" when, in fact, it included a firmware update as well!! I only saw this occur once and think it was a very rare and isolated case.

Sonia Star
The drivers B00kWyrm noted for the Sonix SN9C102 are what I would also provide. If you're still having a problem, let us know. Are running Windows 7 or 8? Could be that Sonix driver only supports XP.


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Thank You guys for trying to help

B00kWyrm - tried your method to no avail. It returned USB\VID_0C45&PID_62C0 as my hardware even when doing it offline. I think thats the generic microsoft driver.

LookinAround - I did have another webcam prior to this, I think it was a logitech webcam but that was an external webcam. The Hardware ID for my built in webcam was USB\VID_174F&PID_5A31 prior to updating. Please have a look at my attached file.


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Sorry, may take a couple days before I have a chance to take a good look and investigate. In the mean time, hang on to that wit! :D


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Hi Danny. Quick question: Are you absolutely certain about the ASUS model #? Double check the model #.

Also, go ASUS support site HERE. Click the button for Automatic Model Detection. It'll take you a driver download page. Copy/paste the URL of the download page into your next post so we can see