How to identify your webcam (and then find its driver)

Sony Vaio SA/SB/SC webcam fail

I hope you can help me out LookinAround.

To sum things up... the latest Sony Vaio SA, SB, SC webcams have such terrible coloring. Either it goes very black, white, and fuzzy... or has a strong sepia .

I noticed all three series are using a microsoft driver from 2006.

To be exact:

Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 6/21/2006
Driver Version: 6.1.7601.17514

It seems though older webcams or notebooks would end up using this driver when upgraded to windows 7.

Some reason on Sony's support website they don't even OFFER the driver for any of those new model vaios. They offer the Arcsoft webcam companion software and techs support is utterly clueless about the real issue.

So I hope you can help me out LookinAround.

Here is the hardwareID. I am having so much trouble trying to find more info on it.


Can any one help me find the Web Cam Driver plz

Hi friends
Can any one help me please. I have a webcam, whose driver CD gives an error "error 1901 error attempting to read from the source installation database : C:\windows\installer\178c0f.msi" for window Xp. Looks like the Installation CD is corrupted.

When I plug on my webcam to my computer, it asks for driver "CIF Single Chip". From Device manager I was able to find the CAM ID USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&1CCE5E2C&0&1

So if any one has this driver, please help me out.

Thanks in advance


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I keep copies of some of the drivers i've found in the past. No guarantees but you can try THIS driver for that Hardware ID on XP. Unzip and run the executable

Sorry, but no good answer for your case. I'll explain... Windows 7 comes with a generic cam driver. Many cams don't have hardware specific drivers for Win 7 and should work with the generic driver.

The cam driver you report is from Microsoft (meaning the generic cam driver is installed).
To be exact:

Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 6/21/2006
Driver Version: 6.1.7601.17514
And Sony giving no specific driver for your computer would indicate they expect it to work with the generic. you might try reinstalling the cam app on the Sony site. But i don't know of any other driver.

Sorry. :( In worst case, you might need to buy an external cam
i cant find my web cam driver

hello sir i have found my webcam hardware id n here it is..........


but i couldn't find its driver......plz plz help me...........

thank you......


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Here's my best guess. Download THIS

1. Download the zip file, unzip and save the files in a folder on your Desktop
2. Open Device Manager. Right click the webcam. Select Update Drivers
3. Then "No, not this time" click Next. "Install from a list or location" click Next
4. Check "Include this location in the search" then Browse to the folder on your Desktop from step 1, click Next
5. Let Windows do the install and reboot after the driver install is complete

unable to start video capture using QHMPL pc cam QHM500-8LM(S)

I tried to look through the complete thread, however failed to detect any message related to my problem with web cam.

I'm using QHMPL pc cam QHM500-8LM(S) on 32bit Vista laptop,
My hardware id detected is:

Windows device manager has detected Vimicro USB2.0 UVC PC Camera and it says "device is working properly"

My web cam is unable to get video. I tried changing to different USB ports but still it didn't work. Have you heard of similar issue from anyone? Can you help me fix this please.


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What software are you using?


If you are using software from the Manufacturer to capture video, try reinstalling it.

If you can't find the software, or the software still doesn't work, try something like Skype to test to make sure the webcam is working. If it does, just search for a different software.
Software by manufaturer


I have tried using software from the manufacturer, even re-installing did'nt succeedd.

I even used Driver easy as mentioned by LookinAround in the post to get an updated driver, even this failed to get webcam working.

I'm using skype to test and it just gives progress circle swirling indefinitely.

Thanks for any other tips/help.
I'll check now...

I have not checked it on another computer. I'll do it now. Are you suspecting Webcam HW? or Is it any thing to do with my computer/OS etc?
Not working with Xp computer

I checked with another computer having windows Xp and still the video doesn't appear. I suspect that webcam's HW is having some problem, letting it go to the vendor.
Thanks anyways for all your help,
hi I think I need your help I just got this cam and it did not come with a drives disk so I did as you said here and also downloaded the two programs and they list everything but my camera I have windows 7 64bit if that helps and here is what windows gave me
thanks so much for your time
Hi Bro
My hardware ID is
Can u help me find the drivers
I was nt able to get any result


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<snip>I did as you said here and also downloaded the two programs and they list everything but my camera I have windows 7 64bit<snip>
Hmmm.. Windows doesn't need drivers to detect PnP devices. If Windows detects it in DevMgr (I assume that's how you found the HW IDs) then I should think the two programs should've detected it also (they see what Windows see). I assume the cam is detected? A device should appear/disappear in DevMgr as you plug/unplug the cam. In any case, the best I could find was a 64bit driver for Vista. I don't know if it will work with W7 but you can download it HERE. Unzip it to your Desktop. There's no installation file so [FONT=Arial]See How to Install a Driver when there's no Installation .EXE file to run[/FONT]

@Hardik Jain
Looks like you transcribed the backslash "\" incorrrectly. Your Hw IDs are

You can try this driver HERE tho I only see an XP driver. The cam may be old and not supported on newer WIndows
Hi Guys I need help finding webcam drivers for my no brand webcam... My OS is Windows 7 64 bit..

the hardware ids are


the compatible ids are

and the device instance path is
any help will be much appreciated..


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@osmund garcias
That id is not your web cam. I think its a Creative audio device. Your web cam is a USB device and its ID strings would start USB\. It should appear/disappear in DevMgr as you plug/unplug the web cam from the computer. If you find it, just the hardware ids are sufficient

You can try this driver HERE. Unzip to your desktop and run the Setup.exe. It's a match for you hardware ID but I'm not sure what version of Windows it supports. Some of these old drivers only run with XP


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@osmund gracias
Hi Osmund. I believe what you're saying but I can't explain it! :confused: IDs that start PCI\ are for devices that connect to the internal PCI bus on a computer and likewise, I've only seen them to be for internal PCI (or PCI/e) cards vs for USB devices (where USB devices always start USB\)

That said, the PCI device ID you posted seems to be a Creative Sound Blaster audio card which would only be for audio and not for any type of video. (e.g. see HERE). Plus it seems to only have a 32 bit driver as well.

In DeviceManager, when the cam is plugged in, do you also see an Imaging device category? Are any USB devices listed under Imaging?
@looking around
Thanks for replying back.. I checked my device manager... but there is no Imaging device category... when I plug my webcam in.. it only detects a multimedia audio controller in other devices... :-(
Hello, please help if anyone can... I followed the instructions but can't find a driver for ...

Maybe I'm just clueless and doing totally the wrong thing...??
Cheers in advance for any possible solution! :)


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That looks like a chip for a vimicro web cam. You might be in luck if you're still running XP or Vista (not sure if there's a Win 7 driver available).. Try the vimicro detection tool you'll find HERE and see if it identifies the vimicro device. The vimicro drivers are on that same page.
Hey thanks for the speedy response! After much downloading (and most likely virus-filling) my computer, I think I'll ask my tech friend to do it for me. But thank you again and I will show him the message above