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How to import discontinued apps from old to new phone?

By Cephas
Jun 24, 2015
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  1. Hi! So I've just bought a shiny new Samsung Galaxy A6 to replace my now ancient S2.

    I had the S2 just how I liked it with themes, app settings etc. but I also had certain apps like "Catch" and "Androminion" that haven't existed for some time on the play store.

    Would there be any way to transfer the apps from the old to my new phone and retain all their data?
  2. Cephas

    Cephas TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 110


    In the end I stumbled upon the app "Helium" which was the only way to seemingly transfer apps in full without rooting! If anyone else has this problem, use Helium!
  3. reckonankit

    reckonankit TS Member Posts: 43

    Yes you can easily do it download any app which help to take backup of all apps on external media or SD card. After that you can use SD card to new Samsung galaxy s6 and install apps on the phone

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