How to install original drivers for my Nvidia Geforce 7600GS (from original disc)

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Dec 24, 2009
  1. dividebyzero

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    Modding a game means- as surely you are aware- substituting textures and simple models (i.e. most of the vehicles in GTA weigh less than 20kB all up- .txd and .dff) with complex models that usually have a hugely greater pixel count - a small car mod is usually 1Mb, and I've installed individual vehicles of 10+Mb.
    Simple car=1000-1500 pixels......Complex car= 60000-100000 pixels. Multiply that by the number of vehicles and textures/skins rendered on screen. Multiply that again by the number of fps. You see where this is going?

    Operating systems and programs are 64-bit dependant, not graphics cards.
  2. GN48

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    I don't think that can an option, you see, I only got one graphics card at my place, and to replace that with a working one, I'd have to buy another graphics card. Which I think my dad wouldn't be surprised that I "killed" the current graphics card.

    I can use Speedfan for that can't I? I mean I got Speedfan but I don't really know how to use it.... :eek:
    When I first loaded up Speedfan, I notice my GPU core temperature was over 3 million degrees Celsius! What the F--! Okay, I think, that's to say my graphics card is f******, right?

    While installing the drivers manually, there was, but this was in normal mode, safe mode didn't show such things. (that's how I installed the drivers)

    My graphics card was actually pretty good at rendering the images, at an average of 60fps, you'd have congrats for that! (Tobe honest, there wasn't much graphical options to turn off or on anyways) I myself, don't really think GTA SA is an intensive game, if it was, then running the game with the level of graphics the same will drop down to 20fps or less to be called intensive.....just like running NFSPS, just only the graphics of the car all the way up and the world detail all the way up, it runs just less than 20fps, that's what you call an intensive graphical game!

    Anyways, I just reinstalled GTA SA, so everything should be back to normal, car sounds, graphics of the cars, lights, cars and the speedometre I stuck in is no more, I'll just delete the CLEO library for now....Oh wait, I don't think the speedo metre has anything to do with the graphics card, does it? only tells you how fast your vehicles are going and that's all, so, I'm going to leave that in, okay?

    If you say my graphics card is "cooked" than, how come, I can still see stuff on the monitor without the drivers, huh? Or is this the doing of the VGA controllers XP gave me? if it was "cooked", I'd see smoke coming out of the tower.

    I haven't down clocked my graphics card I'll skip this one
  3. GN48

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    Yeah, I know what modding a game means, just add a few personalized stuff into the game, but doesn't really make graphics card work harder, unless it's showing more fps than usual, than it is.

    So in other words, you don't know, right? Well, I found out the answer; from the Nvidia website, it says the OS must be atleast VISTA (damn.....!) to work fine, so I guess I have to find another good graphics card in terms of performance, not for money (I'll eventually have that), in games but can atleast support XP, you know of any?
  4. GN48

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    My monitor is a HP71, and for some reason when I stuck in the converter; my vga cable into the vga port of of converter which is stuck in the dvi port, the monitor just goes to standby mode

    If you must know what my graphics card:
    that's like as close as it looks for my graphics card.
  5. GN48

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    Ohhhhh, my bad.......

    Do you remember this? Forget what I said before, it was my fault to give you wrong answers. My brand is ASUS, sorry, I am ignorant as always..... :eek: I picked this up while I was taking a look at the box my graphics card came with....

    I have also managed to scope out some drivers for it; but unfortunately, it's only for Windows VISTA 32- bit and 64-bit, I'll try find these drivers, but for XP 32-bit not VISTA!

    While reading this, can you also tell me why my VISTA laptop has Nvidia drivers even though it doesn't even have an Nvidia graphics chip or card?
  6. GN48

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    Do you remember how, I said I was to redirect my drivers directly to the Nvidia website? Well, I think the drivers I downloaded, might be wrong and therefore, I will download the ASUS VGA card display driver version 185.85 for Windows XP I found on their website, and we'll see how my graphics card turns out.... Is the graphics card going to turn out that the drivers do work, or will it simply refuse it, and not show a thing on my monitor.....we shall see, once I came back here and keep you updated.....
  7. GN48

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    If the drivers I downloaded don't work, then do think I should another graphics card exactly the same as the current one, or should I buy the Best GT variant in Gaming performance? I just need to think ahead, just incase it doesn't work. Can you give me a link to the best brand of the Nvidia Geforce 7600GT if possible, please.....just wanna see the different performances it makes. Are all branded 7600GT exactly the same (besides the brand names) or is there something under the hood, that's making the difference?
  8. GN48

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    Okay, I've installed the ASUS VGA card display driver version 185.85 for Windows XP that I downloaded from the ASUS website. Well before that, I uninstalled the 195.62 forceware drivers from nvidia, and used Driver Sweeper twice, to make sure there was no trace, though it kept coming back, so I gave up, just installed the ASUS version one. While installing it, no probs, maybe a little 0.5 of a second standby mode for my monitor, that's all. And maybe abit of some manual work, cut and paste to where the drivers were installed to. Well, atleast this time there was no artifacts found while installing it. Strange thing is, is that after (don't know if it was successful or not) instalation, it's suppose to say, do you want to restart now, but it didn't, so I manually restarted my computer, and when loading up windows XP there was a few artifacts found on the Windows logo thingy. After loading XP, BSOD showed and said there was something wrong with my drivers. Here's a what it said:
    A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this this is your first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer ((First time- restarted, but came back. so is my second time round) and this is not part of the BSOD, I'm saying what I did, when this first came up). If this screen appears again, follow these steps: (it did appear again)

    Check to be sure you have adequate disk space (checked). If a driver is identified in th stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates (I assume this is referring to my ASUS drivers I installed earlier and this is the latest drivers for it). Try changing Video adapters (Don't think I can do that...).

    Check with your hardware vendor for an BIOS updates (how do I do that?). Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing (why do I have to do this?). If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart you computer, press F8 to select Advance Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode (did that, tried to remove ASUS drivers I installed, but couldn't even find the entry in the Windows Add or Remve programs, so I'm stuck with this BSOD, unless I find some way to remove it).

    Technical information:

    ***STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0xF709C184,0xf7A84D44,0xF7a84A40)


    And that's about all of what it said to me.

    So, is there a way to remove the ASUS drivers form my PC? Since there's no entry in the Add/Remove section of Windows.... Can I just use Driver Sweeper and delete the remains?
  9. GN48

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    Please don't do this to me................. Someone; dividebyzero and Rick, you left me here to fend for myself, how could you? I though you guys were nice!
  10. Archean

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    This issue might occur if a system thread generates an exception that the error handler does not catch. This exception can be caused by any of the following:

    * The computer BIOS might be incompatible with Windows XP, or it might have to be updated.
    * The video adapter drivers might be incompatible with Windows XP.
    * A device driver or a system service might be damaged.

    I'll advise you to start from updating your motherboard's bios, and then install the drivers;
  11. GN48

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    Thank god, someone at last! :wave:

    Hello there!

    Would you think reinstalling XP would solve this?

    I mean after reinstalling XP, I'll install the drivers.

    Or I could do what you said and, after reinstalling XP, I update my motherboard's BIOS and then install the drivers?
  12. hellokitty[hk]

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    GTA 4 is known to be an unhappy game, there is the possibility that it just doesn't like you.
  13. GN48

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    It's GTA SA! not GTA 4!

    Plus GTA SA was working perfectly fine when it wasn't modded. I guess it started when I updated my graphics card drivers and modded GTA SA.
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