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How to limit bandwidth?

By nickthypig
Jan 20, 2016
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  1. So my two bros are here every other week, and at their mom's the other week. The one, despite what we tell him, is almost constantly on Netflix or YouTube. We have about 4 to 4.5mbps internet connection (download rate/bandwidth?) Since he is always on Netflix, he uses most of the bandwidth up, and no one else can have a decent enough internet speed to stream or download things.

    I'm wondering how we can limit specifically his data usage (from his Galaxy S3) so that other people in the house can play games online or stream a video. I can always tell if he's on the internet streaming because my rocket league ping goes from <100ms to >1000ms (to the point where I can't even play.)

    I've looked at the "Gargoyle router" and it seems like it might let us limit specific devices' data connection. Would it work to limit his phone? (without having to download some program onto his phone that he could just delete?)

    Also, about how much bandwidth (1000kbps or 2000kbps, etc.) does streaming use up? Rocket league? Total bandwidth is about 4000kbps (4 or 4.4mbps)

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