How to make C drive hidden on dual boot system

By Soni
Sep 4, 2009
  1. Hi there,
    Im sure many of you must know the answer to my situation.

    I have 2 Hard drives : C: and E:

    C: 120gb XP PRO ( HOME USAGE )


    .... Windows have automatically created a dual boot screen for me to go into either OP.

    But as E: drive is newly installed, everytime i installed some selected software, it automatically installs in C: Drive. But there are some small softwares where i can manually change the installation Destination folder.

    My E: Drive has windows sp2, and i have sp3 cd update from windows. WHen i install it, it automatically installs it on my current C: Drive.


    ???? Is there anyway, when i do login to a selected operating system, that i become automatically C: ?????

    eg. if from dual boot i select "XP Leopard" whats actually installed on E: but when i do login, and go to my computer. I automatically become C: drive and make the orignal C: to E: like switching. So i stay main installation drive.

    Im really comfused and dont know what to do, or use. Could someone experienced in this area help me out. :confused:
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