How to make your own Runescape private server


what do you think on runescape?

  1. its really crap

  2. its great

  3. its alrite

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By runescape ยท 207 replies
Mar 31, 2008
  1. Anger zeus

    Anger zeus TS Rookie

    need help!

    i keep getting 1 error
  2. Anger zeus

    Anger zeus TS Rookie

    highlight them all and right click extract
  3. 919han153

    919han153 TS Rookie


    Yeah I keep getting that message coming up.. Come one help us pleeease!!
  4. ewagsjr

    ewagsjr TS Rookie

    It says its missing main class or something

    when the command prompt opens it says its missing main class
  5. wallys123

    wallys123 TS Rookie


    Hey guys i dont know how to like let ur friends play and stuff?
    and how to getg it online?

    IAmAWESOME TS Rookie

    Got a compilation error.
  7. yoyotammo99

    yoyotammo99 TS Rookie

    Making It Public

    Hello um well im wondering i got it all to work i didn't need to put anything in the server when i log in i just made a name and i hit enter and i loged it i was happy but now im wondering if anyone can help me to make it public or to learn the commands and if i can change everytime it says blackscape to something else or what not or if i can change the source if so add me on msn crankeyanimal at hotmail thankyou
  8. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    The OP appears to have abandoned this thread. After pages of unanswered posts it's time to close it down.
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