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Mar 31, 2008
  1. redsockboy

    redsockboy TS Rookie

    helpzzz plzzz

    when i go to log in it says error connecting to server.... plz help
  2. vajayjt

    vajayjt TS Rookie

    ok when i hit complie it only says something bout hit any button to continue then it it surposed to do that or is it surposed to like serch for errors???
  3. gilded

    gilded TS Rookie

    I can't make anything to appear or i cant ::npc how do i do that on this server and how do i make an ip ahh im sorry just help!!!
  4. chadd990

    chadd990 TS Rookie


    completely off target on your diagnosis. after reading every single comment to try to learn if anyone has found the solution to this, i've realized that no one does, and this is a very common problem. this is a failed attempt at a guide. people stop writing tutorials if you don't even understand what you're talking about. sure you might know enough about what you're doing to write a step-by-step guide on how you did it personally. but it's very clear you don't understand what you did and why you did it, and don't know enough about computers to know that other people will have different experiences, therefor your step-by-step guide isn't absolute. if my point hasn't become clear to you yet: DON'T MAKE A GUIDE IF YOU AREN'T READY ANSWER PEOPLES QUESTIONS!
    on that note, i find it funny and ironic how you jokingly call people stupid in your tutorial.

    to everybody else, if you want to make a good private server: don't waste anytime on it if you have no education on java and have no programming skills. it's too stressful, and a waste of time to try to learn this from scratch with tutorials from people who aren't even certified. take some classes, it will benefit you beyond a runescape server.
  5. Bman99

    Bman99 TS Rookie

    Ok so my Compile isnt working it comes up with javac: file not found: *.java
    What did i do wrong here? the client opens but wont run....
  6. rsserver

    rsserver TS Rookie

    hey guys i got this whole thing made but its not logging me in you guys know why?
  7. dragonmaidon

    dragonmaidon TS Rookie

    Did not work!!!

    why dident this work, iv done like 10 tutorial's and in the end, it doest work and iv just wasted like 1gb of my downloads for **** all, and thats basically what this is **** all, i did every thing you said, i hit compile, and it say <access denied> 1 error and you fking talking about "then there will be no errors now" bull ****, you dont even no what your talking about, then when i went into the client, after doing every single little thing you said, it opened up everything went fine then i went to log in i put dragonmaidon as username and as the "server:" and it kept saying error connecting to server, so i tried my own ip adress and that dident work i kept trying many times on dirrent ip's and nothing worked, so i went back to the one you provided and did that about 50 times but yet again "error connecting to server" so tell me what the **** "you" did wrong, because i deleted everything 3 times and did it all again 3 times but the same fking thing happens......
    so tell me
  8. StandardToaster

    StandardToaster TS Rookie

    Not letting me extract either of the files.

    I got up to the part where you have to extract one the files into a new folder. How do I extract it?
  9. STp

    STp TS Rookie

    Its ilegal - but they won't really care - think how many wow servers are still running fine - with donations server owners pull in loads of illegal profit - think of wowscape scandals
  10. brothacheese

    brothacheese TS Rookie

    that had way too many spelling errors not to be sarcastic.
  11. bladex demon

    bladex demon TS Rookie


    Is their any way that i can edit the created server???
  12. reason 2try

    reason 2try TS Rookie

    now does this have a source included or how would i go and get a source?
  13. Flirn2

    Flirn2 TS Rookie

    I need help...

    The "run" file wont stay open because it immedately closes.... and when i try to run the client (neat icon) i cant...
  14. terriblez

    terriblez TS Rookie

    error loading server?

    i did everyhting like you said but i got 1 error. and now it says error loading server what can i do?
  15. depflow

    depflow TS Rookie

    i did everything exact on here and when i am making my acct and put in and hit log in it says error connecting to server...why??? please reply back... and you cant pm me i made this acct to ask u this so just add a new post below mine :)
  16. Name Here

    Name Here TS Rookie

    when i try to compile it says exactly this:
    "C:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\server stuff|20051104-server>javac *.java
    'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operal program or batch file.
    C:\program files\Java\jkd1.6.0.21\bin\Server Stuff\20051104-server>pause
    press any key to continue . . . "
    Any help? :\
  17. Deathclown

    Deathclown TS Rookie

    Answers to question but still a few...

    You need to have Java to be able to do this.. You compile it will say Javac *.java ' javac' is not recognized as an internal or external commands, operable program or batch file. Then at bottom it says Press any key to continue . . . Click a key.....
    Then click on run, it will open and close, Move on and open the rsprivservclient and run the client.. You know what to do from there...

    My question is I need a server that works once you open it. Any answers?
  18. gigabass5

    gigabass5 TS Rookie

    on sec so wat could happed of we get cought could we get suied im a 13 yr old boy half way throug making one wat should i do cos if i get in trouble im going to be grounded for a long time

    i need an anser please cos for me it wpuld be life or death
  19. 1bones8

    1bones8 TS Rookie

    hey the javac thing closes rigth after i open it what do i do??
  20. 1bones8

    1bones8 TS Rookie

    plz reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. Knil

    Knil TS Rookie

    thanks for the tutorial.
  22. daygrayman

    daygrayman TS Rookie

    Cool!! i got my owne server but... it's a vary old version of runescape >.< . how can i got the newest runescape client?? reply plzz!!
  23. odonnell93

    odonnell93 TS Rookie

    Ive done every thing correctly accept when i compile, i encounter 1 error and can't seem to fix it.

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin>javac *.java error while writing Player: Player.class <Access is denied>
    public abstract class Player {
    Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint: deprecation for details.
    1 error

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin>pause
    Press any key to continue . . .
  24. armadylscyth

    armadylscyth TS Rookie

    nice, im gunna make one now. but a few questions first

    a few questions... #1: can i add more commands? e.g: ::teleto (persons name) or ::teletome (persons name)

    #2: will i be admin right away since i made the server, or will i have to use the code, and will anyone in the game be able to use the
    "::mod modlevel (Changes your modlevel. 0=normal player, 1=player mod, 2=golden crown -mod) " command or only me?

    #3: when using the "::item 2342" command for items.. can i add new items? like the new weps and armour the just came out in rs? or even made up items that some servers have like "dragon whip"

    #4: if i do finish all that, how do i make it multi-player, for everyone elts to play?

    #5: if i wanted to make money off it. like spawning rare items in game and selling them... how could i get the payment from the people?

    #6: you said above "::kick playername (kicks player from server. Only for level 3 admins) " but also above "::mod modlevel (Changes your modlevel. 0=normal player, 1=player mod, 2=golden crown -mod) " <-- the command only go's to lvl 2 mod, will the game auto make me lvl 3?

    #7: after i make the server, but before i make it multi-player... am i able to put the server on somone elts computer like my brothers so he can play the server too without it being online, without going through the same prosses to make it...on his computer?

    those are all my questions, please help me because i am willing to go through with this and make a privet server. please send me a privet message or something if u dont mind, and help me make this, thank you :)
  25. armadylscyth

    armadylscyth TS Rookie

    hey, its me again

    i did everything right, it all worked, it was pretty easy and didnt take long.. so i enter in the user name, and server ip or w/e.. and it says error connecting to server.. wtf?! im soo pisssed! i was this close to having my own server and i was exited about it.. and then it says that... please heelp.. i plan on puting my server online in a few months... but i cant do that till it connects to the server.. please help!!!
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