How to make your own Runescape private server


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Mar 31, 2008
  1. Masterkezza

    Masterkezza TS Rookie

    It says in error while writing Player: Player.class (Access is denied)
    public abstract class Player
  2. collinclark

    collinclark TS Rookie

    i dont get this wt it mean? HELP!!!

    1)to save bandwidth, the makers of the SDK do not give out the full link, but rather an odd little java-based downloader thing.
    2)When the option to Save or Run appears, go ahead and run, it is very small and a flash screen will apear momentarily.(RUN IT, ITS MUCH QUICKER)
    3)When the flash screen fades away, a few windows will pop up as it prepares to connect to the site and fetch the file you will need. Just keep agreeing and clicking okay/next (or whatever you have to do - if you've ever installed anything I'm sure you can figure this out.)
    4)It will eventually come to a screen that has a file window (only one file should show, and that is the JDK install file), go ahead and click start (lower left).
    5)Depending on the speed of your connection, the file may take several minutes. Sorry about that, but its the only way for you to obtain the needed java compiler program - without it the server cannot run.
    6)Once the download thingy is done, the install file will be saved to your computer (for most people, this is going to be saved either on the desktop, or the "My Documents" folder), find this intallation program and run it all the way through. The installation will take a little time to appear, be patient.
  3. lolfishy

    lolfishy TS Rookie


    how do you spawn monsters and stuff. Cuz im only a level 3
  4. beasteds0n

    beasteds0n TS Rookie

    I followed the tutorial well and got it all up and working i was wondering if someone could help me add npc's?
  5. Fridder

    Fridder TS Rookie

    Hmm I need help with a lot of things.
  6. Fridder

    Fridder TS Rookie

    Thats my EXACT same problem!
    "Error connecting to server"
    I even type and it still says Error Connecting to Server!!
  7. killweman101

    killweman101 TS Rookie

    okkkk i got it up ya ya when i go to start the server client thingy w/e when the window that looks like runescape opens up it say connection error retying in 5! what do i do it keeps going for more and more time!!!!! i really need help!! please help me
  8. killweman101

    killweman101 TS Rookie

    it says connection error retrying in 5! so what do i do?
  9. killweman101

    killweman101 TS Rookie

    i got 1 error and i dont know how to get rid of it it is note: uses or overrides a deprecated API. Note:recompile with -Xlint :deprecation for deails. 1 error what do i do
  10. iamspock

    iamspock TS Rookie

    To Runescape.

    I encountered an error after meticulously following your instructions. this is going to take me for ever to type but this is what the error reads.

    'C:\Program Files\Java\jdkl.6.0_19\bin>javac *.java error while writing Player: Player.class <Access is Denied>
    public abstract class Player {
    Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
    1 error

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdkl.6.0_19\bin>pause
    Press any key to continue...

    the line beside the little ^ was to show where the ^ was. the __ does not exist. I kindly ask for any help you can offer.
  11. iamspock

    iamspock TS Rookie

    Mod please delete this.
  12. Sirvik

    Sirvik TS Rookie

    can anyone tell me how to compile it correctly?
  13. thimovdz

    thimovdz TS Rookie

    last part of making a private server.


    I just cant see where I can type where does I need to put that in what file because when I click on run ''server'' there came a black screen and its like gone in 1 sec. so I can't type in it.

    plz help me :D
  14. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    Hey, could you add me on MSN? I have some problems with the Java....

    My MSN is dj _ driek @ live . nl
  15. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    Java is now working, but the servclient doesn´t work... I get a warning that its broken and I tried to continue but couldn´t find the client with the neat icon. Could you maybe try to upload it somewhere else so I can use it?

    Thanks ;)
  16. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    Oh, nevermind, got it from Google. (download from mediafire)
  17. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    Sorry, but it's me again. When I start up 'Run' or 'Server', it gives some letters and then it dissapears again. I try to login but I get 'Error connecting to server'. Could you add dj _ driek @ live . nl to your MSN list, so you can help me? Thanksss.
  18. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    Add me please, I'm waiting!!!!!!!!
  19. Driek

    Driek TS Rookie

    I'm still waiting. I can't do nothing without ur help.
  20. Chance88

    Chance88 TS Rookie

    well it happened to me and i just say screw it and get a new source and client to play on
  21. Chance88

    Chance88 TS Rookie

    Aslo i need help,

    i want to get my server up on the internet, but idk how :/
  22. dragonhidepk

    dragonhidepk TS Rookie

    I have windows 7 and when I upload the files they come as an internet file. I know how to change if it gets opened by the internet or not, but I can't extract the files. There are absolutely no files to extract that I can find. I have looked and tried almost everything and there are just no files to extract so I can not get past the part where you compile the files.
  23. DukeSolice

    DukeSolice TS Rookie

    I finished all your steps. They were farely easy, but I am now stuck where it says I have 1 error. How do I fix that? When I open "Compile" it says I have 1 error. PLEASE HELP ME
  24. sly911

    sly911 TS Rookie

    error while writing player: Player.class it wont let me run my server. i think its because this thing was made 2 years ago. can someone help? duke, we have the same problem
  25. sly911

    sly911 TS Rookie

    bumpity bump bump
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