How to prevent from Keyloggers

By srvijayam
Jun 24, 2009
  1. Many people try to hack your password and they try to monitor your activity. when you go to browse in public internet center they may installed some keyloggers it will monitor all of your activities. so, don't use your credit card or banking activities in public internet cafe. Some may install this kind of keyloggers in your computer without inform you. they will monitor your activity in your computer without your knowledge. It monitors your password and all of your key strokes. you can't identify it. it won't show in any process manager or it cannot identify by any anti-virus program. so, be careful about this activity. there is a only one way. that if u install anti-keylogger you can prevent your document and your activities.
    Anti.Trojan.Elite is the one of best anti-keylogger. if u want to download search it with any search engine.
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