How to repair/recover a corrupted .avi video file


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Hello, I recently purchased online some extra 32gig (10) micro SD cards to use to try to catch a petty thief and put one of them in a dash cam. The cards evidently were junk rejects vs. competent quality chips. Initially they appeared to work ok and recorded in 2 minute blocks but the file size was really large I.e. about 300Mb each for HD setting. I did a quick test and windows media was able to read and play, but when I set it up the following day to be running in anticipation of the thief's appearance, the files got saved as before in HD mode in 2 min blocks with the very large file size each, but none were readable by windows media player.

I had a friend try to help and said that sometimes corrupted video files could e read by one of these programs and we tried to see if free video editor, DVDVideoSoft Free Studio, VLC media player, or Handbrake could read them in hopes to reclaim them and then re-save them in the same, or other format but no such luck. I then discovered that there were a number of problems with the SD cards when I tried multiples of the same I had purchased at the same time. The one I first used after I used it could not be formatted, I tried another and it couldn't be read or formatted at all, and a third would do the same thing as the first.

I did save the files and other than their large size for 2 minute lengths, they appear ok on the surface. I then went back to one of my 32Mb (10) Sandisk SD cards which it runs fine with, and the resulting file size for the 2 min HD video was 62Mb, not 300Mb+.

Any ideas? Is there software or geek groups that help out to fix such problems? This petty thief appears to have harmed a number of people and I would like to be able to get the video's to the proper authorities so he can be caught and kept from hurting anyone else.



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First you need to go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab and select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and click OK. Then go to C:\ProgramFiles\Remo Repair AVI\ and open the hidden $tp folder where you will find a file avi.avi. That file is the repaired AVI file by Remo Repair AVI.