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How to secure source code while keeping Internet

  1. Hi,

    I'm working on some source code, and my a** will be grass if a hacker or someone obtains it. The PC could be offline, but often I need to find coding solutions online, so I would need to copy & paste such code text to the secure offline PC. I'm stumped how to achieve that in a hack proof manner except with a thumb drive. That is, use the online PC to find the code, copy text to thumb drive, move drive offline PC, but that sounds like a big pain.

    Another option is to use software that runs two simultaneous OS's that allows text to be copied between them, but how hack proof is that? Maybe encrypting the secure PC drive?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

    Edit: Ah ha, is this the solution, a unidirectional network via some hardware? I think the data line needs to be controlled by hardware to be as secure as possible.

    If anyone could post or send me a PM recommending any hardware, then I'll greatly appreciate.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    hmm; taking the issues from the top:

    1) you need to ensure that code on your PC never leaves its.

    2) if it does, you are exposed ( I assume from your employer )

    3) you want to copy paste code from the Internet into 'your code' safely​

    I'll start with (3). Code from the Internet may expose you to copyright infringement and thus your employer could be sued - -
    I've seen this happen personally and it is ugly.
    You lose your job, your friends lose jobs, and the employer can actually go bankrupt.
    summary: not worth the risk

    (2) Working at home on software that belongs to your employer is a real nightmare,
    not only from (3) but you might become a mule for some trojan infection when that code is returned to the project libraries.
    If that occurs, the date/time of your checkin of the new code will correspond to the time of the virus and tag, you're it.

    (1) the only way to ensure that something never leaves the PC {better said is not useful if it leaves},
    is to
    a) go offline
    b) encrypt it for protection, perhaps even altering the file name​
    c) go online and browse, fetch what you will
    d) go back offline
    e) decrypt the code in question
    f) modify said code and prepare it for transport back to the project libraries.​
    summary: only access that code while offline

    REPEAT: not worth the risk
  3. softwarelabus

    softwarelabus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No I'm not going to steal other peoples code. I need the Internet to learn how to do common tasks; e.g., SQL prepared statements. I'm new at PHP & Python, forgot most of mysql stuff and often need to search how to do things.

    Anyhow, I have an easy solution. As stated in 1st post one only needs a unidirectional data line. This is a common method used by governments and companies One could get elaborate USB unidirectional hardware that costs hundreds of dollars, or they can write some simple code that uses the microphone plug on the secure PC and the speaker plug on the online PC. Connect both PC's via sound cable. In that way it's impossible to read data from the secure PC. It's not fast communication, comparable to dial-up speeds, but I only need it to copy & paste small code snippets.

    I hope this helps anyone else who needs to protect their code. Code rippers and hackers must hate this post. ;-)

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