How to set up DIY NAS?

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Jun 14, 2006
  1. I'm still trying to set up a nice reliable NAS using 4 HDDs in RAID 5.

    However, I've never even set up a RAID 5 system... Or even put in 4 HDDs in a single system for that matter.

    Any help will be useful. I'm thinking a Linux based server, I need something that'll be somewhat low maintainence. Also, given that the PC I'm gonna convert from doesn't have SATA drives (or RAID capability), I'll need some suggestions on PCI RAID controllers.

    If there aren't any PCI RAIDs that'll hold 4, 3 or 5 will be good.

    I also have a question, I might end up having 2 RAID arrays in the same PC, with 1 being RAID 5 and the other RAID 0. The RAID 0 will hold less important data, and the RAID 5 being the one carrying all the important stuff. Is this possible, and should I do it? Or should I just make 2 RAID 5 arrays?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. CMH

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    that'll do great for the NAS system I'm thinking about.

    But I will also need something that shows me how to set the NAS up (installing OS and stuff). I've got no idea how to. I can put together the pieces for the NAS and thats about it.
  4. kangaruffian

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  5. CMH

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    thanks, these help :D
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