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HP / Dell / etc. laptop password help thread

By Julio Franco · 2217 replies
Aug 1, 2008
  1. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    You certainly don't give that impression to me (ignorance possibly, but not idiocy)
    I was thinking more on the lines of authentic or not (but I won't know the answer to that until a few more posts by you (hoping that you don't need to post more of course)
    Generally most members post up to about 4 (if that, ie usually 1 or 2) password help requests. Yours seems to be climbing ever so surely :suspiciou

    Here's that helpful thread again:
  2. jncaudio

    jncaudio TS Rookie

    Thanks for all the help kimsland, but believe it or not, I was messin around and stumbled across the password,....123456, believe that?
  3. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Um no not really
    And you got me to sign on again for that :rolleyes:
  4. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    try to go into bios setup using F2, at password prompt press F12 to get hash.

  5. vitinho

    vitinho TS Rookie


    I downloaded the HDD_PW (UNLOCK6 V1.1), I put the Hash Code 02591. I have an HP NX9010 and I returned some keys but none works. Does anyone know why?

    Thank you.
  6. Rottenweiler

    Rottenweiler TS Rookie

    Replacing a BIOS locked Dell 1525 motherboard should work (I've done similar for a 1520 that also had damaged USB ports)...Unless of course you happen to buy a new one that is ALSO locked.

    But unless you happen to have another ruined laptop with a fully functional motherboard somehow, that seems like a very cost IN-efficient way of going about it.

    The people who sell passwords get between $50-75, a new motherboard for that model will run in the $135 to 195 range on Ebay, way more from Dell. plus it is a couple hour job if you are good technically, and patient with repairs...4 hours if you are not used to doing these rebuilds.

    Like Kimsland always preaches...try ALL the free methods (that are applicable) first, try SPEAKING to the Dell reps...may be best option...occasionally you will get someone with a kindly ear whom will help you...good luck.


    The "invalid configuration information - please run setup program." message appears for a bunch of reasons...the date not being set, the HDD not being present, no optical drive, a different amount of system memory....and others, usually in a BIOS UNlocked laptop, after a minute or two pause, processing, it then puts a message about hitting the F2 key to Enter Setup and fix/adjust/account for the issue.

    If you have a Grey Screen BIOS passworded D830, you will NOT be able to paperclip it away as is described in all of the guides. As much as we would all love it, the D830 is a very much newer model, it does NOT have a shortable chip (That any of us have yet discovered) is NOT a supported model for paper-clip shorting method.

    Good Luck...
  7. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    because it HP model.
    for [02591] try passwords:
    4letters: mony
    5letters: ganyx
    6letters: alemty

  8. vitinho

    vitinho TS Rookie


    Thanks hpgl, with the first key worked the laptop, you're a phenomenon and a wonderful person. I also thank Kimsland not to delete my post though I've been so heavy. Thank you all.

  9. tangotango

    tangotango TS Rookie

    Well I do happen to have an issue with two locked drives. I assume that I can connect them with an adapter to my desktop and nuke them somehow. What do you suggest I use, MHDD? Or is there a better way? Thanks.
  10. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Thanks for quoting me :grinthumb
    There's a lot of good information in these posts and in past threads
    Pretty sure if any member spends an hour (hmm maybe a couple) or so, reading through them, they will eventually have all the information they need to freely remove any password, or at least be on the cheapest and best alternative :)

    Although I had already discussed Harddrive password removal (again being about 1% of member issues here) I decided to read back on what others had posted on the issue (therefore causing some delay), but certainly refreshing my mind on many and varied solutions throughout this and earlier threads regarding password removal.

    Therefore I will quote what one member had to say on the subject and leave the option with you as an excellent solution on Harddrive passworded issue:

    This post was made in response to Harddrive passworded issue and the answer was to force a flash bios update\ or downgrade on the system. As the member did not reply back, it can only be assumed that it must have worked, and they did not require any further support.

    Please try that, and let us know the outcome ;)
    Also note that if members wish to quote past posts, they only need to quote the relevant info not the entire message. Although I don't mind so much if members quote my posts in full, posts like this one and the above large quote (also by me ;) ) do take up lots of space on the thread and therefore may not be required :suspiciou

    Good luck :grinthumb

    Members should always read here first before posting for help:
  11. simplepcguy

    simplepcguy TS Rookie

    trouble with too!

    Hey Kimsland,

    I just found, then joined, this forum because I'm trying to fix a friends old HP ze4600 that has lost its hard-drive. The thing has the BIOS password protected and, of course, he has no idea what that password is. Can you say "brick"?

    So I have read many posts this morning and it appears that fixing the HP might be a significant challenge. But I'm trying to download and attempt the tools that you zipped up in The downloaded size is 22.4kb (per WINXP) and the internal zip within WINXP says it is corrupted. So I downloaded WinRAR and while it unzipps it to a folder called OldPass and a file within called OldPass (with no file extension), then that is it. It won't open as it has no extension.

    I've been doing this one or two years ;) , but can you double check the contents of that

    This reminds me why I swore off fixing friends computers. :D

    Hey HPGL, here is the hash I found. Maybe you can give me the list of possible passwords this produces. Hash = 05867
  12. wade3240

    wade3240 TS Rookie

    there are still no solution for Dell latitude D630 master password please help..........

    can you plz help me with service tag: HCN00G1-595B PLEASE
  13. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Fixed :grinthumb See here:
  14. saintjack

    saintjack Banned

    bios admin password

    i'm currently in yangon burma travelling with a dell xps m1330.
    this is "a hard country to travel" constant power cuts etc.slow connections no connection or regularly drops out.
    all i know is my computer has given up on me and has the GREY screen
    all my current travel info, photos, details of ticketing are on it.also other stuff i need to travel.i'm really desperate as i still have another 2 weeks before i can fly out to thailand were things will be more confused and hard for me time wise.
    if some one could help me get a password i'd really appreciate it all i can do at the moment is give any advice about travelling in myanmar,any questions (non political)whatever.thanks in anticipation and desperation .....jack

    the number is G5SFV1S 595B.
  15. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Jack contact Dell here:
    And say what you just said to us, they may just help you immediately
    It is possible that you will need to fill out the ownership forms located here:
    That link also has a link in it for a DST CD password removal boot CD (if you can boot from CD still)

    But if time is limited for you, and the above options do not help, then you are best to Google for 3rd party option. Do NOT go with any possible paid option that may be given (which is against this forum) here. As password removal members wanting money for recovery of users passwords who come to free tech forums are usually asking for top dollar. It's a big scam basically. So again if the above free options do not help, then please Google alternatives and shop around

    Good luck :grinthumb
  16. spanket

    spanket TS Rookie

    I got a broken dell 9400 and fixed it by blasting the graphics card with a heat gun but now all i have is a password screen :( i saw them on ebay but it costs a lot and i already spent my money on a hdd and battery. please help if there is cheaper way my service tag is 8X8QL1S-595B. Thanks
  17. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    I'd just like to comment on that part about price on eBay
    I happened to search some external sites (including eBay and 3rd party websites) yesterday. And I couldn't believe the exuberant costs that these "salesman" are asking for. Really it's way too much, no wonder everyone comes here (and some other less favorable forums on the web) I wouldn't pay it, I'd sell it as faulty, and buy a new laptop (it would be cheaper :D)

    Anyway, please start by reading this post: and trying all options (I would)

    And if the "salesman" are viewing (as I suspect they are) Drop your d@mn prices, are you mad! That's ludicrous. And people actually pay that much? Incredible :suspiciou
  18. kruger

    kruger TS Rookie

    Hp omnibook xe3

    i´ve tried unlcok 6 e read every posto in the forum and HP says that my model omnibook Xe3 is not supported anymore.
    My hash code is 10578.
    Please can you help me?

    Thank you very much

  19. simplepcguy

    simplepcguy TS Rookie seems to have same problem...

    Hey Kimsland,

    The new one,, appears to have the same issues. It will unzip to a dir called OldPass2 and place a file in there named OldPass2 but without an extension. WINXP shows the size as 33.3KB. I even checked to make sure my McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.70i wasn't jacking with it. My On-Access log show that the file was not scanned due to being encrypted. Hmm.

    Have you, by chance, moved that zipped up file to a neutral PC and unzipped it to verify the contents are good. Let's face it, this should be as easy as cake, but something is not right here.

    I tried to PM you but I couldn't due to # of posts.:rolleyes:
  20. Rockwf7

    Rockwf7 TS Rookie

    I am also needing heip with a Dell Latitude D630 Bios password. Can anyone help me with this. Service tag# 247HGD1-595B. Thanks in advance.
  21. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    No I haven't, looking back I should have.

    Now, I've confirmed by many others that it does unzip, but.. you have described the exact error I was having for, say, around 4 months (on this same computer) So that's strange.

    Now what happened was that any Zip file I downloaded from anywhere, If I unzipped it, it would then go to a file without an extension. I then worked out that if I then renamed this (unzipped) file with the ZIP extension, making it look like a Zip file again, and then unzipped it again it would work!?

    How strange that you would have this same problem
    Can you firstly confirm that you can unzip the attachment h e r e as stated above (unzip, then add zip extension by renaming, then unzip again)
    And then when that works (as I'm positive it will) go find any other zip file on the Net and check if the same thing happens
    Because even though my computer works perfectly now, I never found out what caused this issue, it really is a mystery. :)
  22. simplepcguy

    simplepcguy TS Rookie

    That worked, but weird...

    Hey Kimsland,

    That worked. I renamed the extracted file by adding a .zip extension, then I extracted it again. What was interesting is the subfolders that this zip contains. I renamed the original OldPass2 dir to OldPass2a so I could tell the original starting one (as you will see it creates two other OldPass2 dirs). So once extracted, the entire path was (of course, disregard my root paths):

    C:\Downloads\BIOS Password Recovery\OldPass2a\OldPass2\OldPass2\Pass

    So, OldPass2a is the original dir, then you get two more OldPass2 dirs, then finally is the Pass dir and it has the 4 files in it. Strange indeed. Many thanks for the assist.
  23. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Thanks for letting me know
    You may want to create a new thread in the forums on this issue
    Because I'd love to nut out what the fault is. I searched the web endlessly and tried many things, and one day it just worked on its own
  24. ikiilecru

    ikiilecru TS Rookie

    Hi. Can someone help me? I bought a Dell Inspiron E1505 about a year ago and haven't been able to use it beacuse of the Dell Password Gray screen. I am hoping someone can provide a password for me or show me how to go about getting one. I've seen websites offering to give a password for a fee, but I am usure if they are legit or not. Thanks in advance.
    Dell Inspiron E1505
    Service Tag: FHQP9B1-595B
    Express Service Code: 33724508509

  25. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Well that's against our board rules here
    But be aware that anyone offering passwords for a fee on this forum are always way above what you can find externally (which we don't cover here either)
    But as I have stated before if no options help you from going here: then shop around
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