Hp DV1000 boot and display problems

By msbblu
Oct 6, 2010
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  1. Need help on this laptop.When I push power button it flashes power lights after the third or forth try it turns on but the screen may stay off then push again and the screen turns on but after going into windows it shut off. I have dont all the basic test from power cord, battery, memory, hard drive, ect. The power cord is the right one & has power coming out tested it.I've switched out the power button board and still wont work. I'm so frustrated about to throw it in the trash. Any help would be helpful on this.
  2. Rhamatar

    Rhamatar TS Rookie

    HP PC is bad
  3. Kellie Dobbie

    Kellie Dobbie TS Rookie

    My HP DV9000 had overheating issues with the video adapter which eventually damaged the motherboard. Your HP laptop might have developed the same problem as mine had similar symptoms before it died.
  4. msbblu

    msbblu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its a hp pavilion DV1000 I'm going to switch out the screen. Acts like it is shorting out when i push power button lights flick on then off and screen comes on after a few pushes of the button.I can go into the Bios but after 2 mins it turns off with no lights. I want to find out everything I can try before I throw it acrossed the room so and input or ideas what to try would be great.

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