HP DV6810 laptop won't turn on anymore, please help

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Hello all, I have an HP Pavilion dv6700 or DV6810 as HP refers it to and it won't turn on anymore! My system has 3 gigs of RAM and is an AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00 GHz.

I was originally using Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium System Pack 1 (what it came with the system) and I had upgraded to Vista 64-bit. I am not sure if my problem was caused by my upgrade of Vista or my system being too warm (as I have been using it a lot and it has been getting hot and making loud noises); but after I upgraded to the 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium System Pack 2, I was then going to the upgrade directly from the Windows to the Vista Ultimate which I had purchased earlier (and not got around to update any of it with my schedule)....and after I did this, it asked for me to restart my computer and as soon as I did....poof! It shut off and won't turn back on...

I read up on this online....I took out the battery and adapter completely and clicked on the "on" or power button for 30 seconds then put the battery back in and plugged it to no avail....I then took out the RAM cards (a 2-gig one and a 1-gig one) to try to reset it....still nothing. I called HP tech support and they told me to reset the harddrive and how to do it and still...same thing!

Everything is completely blank and my computer and nothing on it turns on....does anyone know what it can be? I have an identical computer I am using but I need that one to work and this is driving me crazy....HP wants me to send it back to them but is there anything I can do to possibly fix this myself??

Thanks again in advance and I appreciate all of your help regarding this matter....thanks again and hopefully I can fix this
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your power pack is probably burnt out. also this should be in the laptop forum.
Thank you. I know there is nothing wrong with the battery because I used an identical battery and powerpack from an identical HP I have and the blue light does turn on....
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