HP dv9500 laptop will not come up with BIOS screen

By Gunther
Mar 18, 2012
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  1. Hello, I am new to Tech Spot and this forum and need some help. My HP dv9500 Laptop will not come up with bios screeen and therefore will also not boot. When I turn it on he indicator lights all come on but the sceeen remains unlit for a few seconds then has a faint blueish haze. The disk activity ligh blinks a few times and the CD sounds like it is active. Nothing else happens - I can wait for as much time as I want. If I CRTL, ALT & DEL it shuts down and comes up again by itself a few seconds later, which from my DOS days appears normal, and I can repaet this process. I have a bootable CD that has a DR dos for a DOS type operating system and the computer will not boot from this CD. If I hold the power button down for ~10 sec the thing turns off. I have removed the drive and tested on another computer via USB interface including using CKHDSK in the DOS mode and then using WEB Root to scan the disks for virsues, etc. Everything checks out OK. I have removed all power DC and AC including batteries: Large DC power battery and CMOS backup battery with no Help. I have also tried all Fn buttons to see if I could force the Bios Screen to appear in the process of trying to power up described above. The memory modules are firmly seated. Has anyone heard of a similar situation?
    The ooperating system is: Vista.
  2. Tmagic650

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    I would say that the motherboard is the cause of this. The CPU cooling heatsink could be in need of new thermal paste or pads. The fan could be bad
  3. Gunther

    Gunther TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The fan is working fine and I have replaced the thermal compound to themally couple the processor with the heat exchanger and there is no change from the symptoms.

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