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By sherijkscott
Jan 22, 2009
  1. I have an hp pavillion. Recently my keyboard has been doing some strange things. Sometimes the b and n keys don't work. Sometimes when pressing the b key it turns the cap locks on and brings up the microsoft help page. I have checked the fuction lock button and it is not on. Does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?
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    As far as broken laptop keyboards go... there's really usually only one option, and that is to replace them.

    Now, depending on your model, they're usually quite easy to replace. It's a matter of getting the part, which can usually be found for about $20 - $40 on ebay.

    I recently replaced a keyboard on a Compaq, and it was very easy to do.
    If I recall correctly, it was 2 screws, a few tabs, and 2 - 4 more screws, and then a little connector under the keyboard.
    Took me about 10 minutes to do. (I had a bit of experience with laptops and replacing parts before hand, so that helped, but all things considered, it was a pretty easy repair.

    It's also useful to see if anyone has done it before, and can advise you as to the particular location of all the screws / tabs so that you can feel confident in what you're doing. I always look for a tutorial on things before doing them, and if I can't find one, then I ask around.

    If you tell me the specific model of the computer, I can try and give you some more detailed instructions on how to replace the keyboard.
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