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Dec 11, 2008
  1. I have a computer services business and was called today by a customer with the following problem.

    1. HP Pavilion DV9417 Laptop -

    2. Experienced a motherboard failure

    3. Bought new motherboard and took it to a repair shop to install.

    4. Repair shop put in the motherboard. System ran for about an hour when they heard a POP and it went blank.

    5. They gave it back to him and did not offer to try to resolve the issue. They had it so long that the warranty on the mobo ran out.

    6. Calls me to see if I can fix it:

    System gets power but when the power button is pressed nothing comes up on screen. In other words, no POST. HP suggested his bios needs to be flashed but seems like the POP may have been the motherboard frying.

    Before I look at the laptop, I wanted to get opinions from the experts. I think its the motherboard and that he should take it back to the repair shop and have them make it right since it failed or died when it was in their possession. The tech was a part time employee and not certified on HP.

    Thoughts and feedback welcome. First, they guy only paid 500 for the laptop to begin with. He has spent 200 trying to fix it. I don't want to charge him for a service call that may be unnecessary.

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    Spoke to the client. He is going to buy a new laptop. Thanks for the input. I figured that but I told him I wanted to consult with the experts before calling him back :)
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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
    And for someone finally saying that I may be an "expert" ;)
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