HP login problems immediately logs off

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Jan 31, 2010
  1. I have a HP Pavilion a1430n Desktop Computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. No password was established for the single user. Normally the Computer would startup and go directly to my Desktop from the Welcome Screen without a login screen. Now a login screen appears with an icon for “hp_Administator”. When I click on the icon the computer appears to start but quickly goes into “saving settings” and “logging off”. An additional attempts gives the same results. Starting in Safemode the “Administrator” and “hp_Administrator” icons appear. Clicking on either provides the same “saving setting” & “logging off” activity. I can not access my computer. Any suggestions?
  2. Archean

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    Try booting with 'Last Good Known Configuration'.

    I can only advise one thing of everyone who may read this (although its bit too late for you) never ever use an administrator account without a password and for normal usage; once you installed everything you need; create a normal user account and use it.

    Even better idea is once you've installed everything, set password for administrator account & disable it. Then create another administrator account with any other name but administrator set its password and use that account whenever you need to make a change to your system.
  3. Ultiweap

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    It may be a virus or trojan affecting it.

    Archean told you the right thing as if you have protected it before it won't be able to affect you PC. Now if the Last known good configuration don't work then a fresh install of windows will be necessary.
  4. Row1

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    it is a malware

    it is malware.
    look in my recent posts: within the recent week.
    we had the same exact thing.
    i tried mylself, but a squared, spybot, and spyware terminator did not get rid of it.
    since i could not devote more time last week to solving the problem, i had a local shop resolve it.

    i think thery used kaspersky.

    i was back to work after 1 day, and $35.

    plus, i patronized a shop recommended by a friend, so now i know a place on my way to work that may be a great place for computer help.
  5. Row1

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    possibly related to aim chat.

    here is an update - i ran a-squared again. it said aim.exe looked suspicious.
    apparently there is a malware that somehow capitalizes on aim chat. a-squared had a note asking if i would agree to send the file to them to examine,. i said yes.

    i googled aim.exe and discovered it obviously runs aim chat, the aol function; also, the malware may use this name to slip in to other directories other than programs/aim/aim.exe

    so, i went to my wife and asked if she had been using 'chat' lately.
    of course, she says no. then, she remembes having 'chat' sessions when in yahoo email.

    i had been noticing the interweb running slower after she had been using yahoo email - for about 3 weeks, i have noticed. i thought it was their switch to m.yahoo.com. --could all be related who knows.

    anyway: i uninstalled regular aim, after allowing a-squared to 'remove' the aim.exe it detected.

    now, the internet is running briskly! hopefully the malware is gone now.
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