HP Pavilion Dv5000 issues

By Phatras
Jul 9, 2009
  1. I have a HP Dv5000.. Its running Xp media , has a amd turion processor and 1gig or ram.It has been running slower and slower over the last few months.. I cant seem to figure out why.. I run zonealarm for a firewall and avg for antivirus.. I also scan with adware.. There is nothing on the computer that any of them find. Yet the computer runs so slow theres times i type faster then the letters appear on screen. I do have a ton of processes running but i am unsure of what I can clear out and what needs to stay.. I just counted and there is 45 processes.. Is there a way to find out what i can clear out and what needs to stay? Any other ideas what might be making my laptop crawl.. Im not to computer savvy so please bear with me.. Ive been working on issue non stop with this thing for a few a while now.. I also have the dreaded random shut downs and my office wont work anymore.. IM still working on those as well.. Hit me with any ideas you migh have. Thanks
  2. Tmagic650

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    Run an HP restore
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