HP Pavilion P6-2055a PSU Upgrade

  1. Hi I was wondering what form factor type this Pc has BTX or ATX, if im wrong in saying this please point me in the right direction, I require at least a 500W PSU and I am only purchasing in australia, Maybe from china if on ebay

    Current specs:
    8gb RAM
    1gb VRAM (Nvidia Geforce 520)
    Intel i7 2600 - Quad core
    1.06TB Storage
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    According the the Manufacturer details, you have a standard ATX PSU so as long as you stick with that, you can fit pretty much any inside your machine. It does look like the 300Watt version inside the machine is a bit short compared to normal PSU's, but as long as you still have space, it should fit just fine.
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    Cheers :D

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