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HP Pavillion 6000 display gone. Disabled driver, now no recognition of ANY graphics

By Seola
Jan 1, 2010
  1. You're gonna love this one. Lots of quirks along the way.

    So, get a laptop from my mom. It was her old one. It had been wiped clean. It came preloaded with Vista, she put XP on it and got frustrated and gave it to me.

    All the drivers worked great except the graphics driver. From searching, it appears to be an NVidia Go7 series. (Believe 7200.)

    I tried the full install from NVidia and the short driver install from HP (the only one for this laptop) no luck. Keeps telling me no drivers are recognized.

    In my hissy fit, I turned off the vgasafe in properties>Settings>Advanced>Monitor.

    Okay, no graphics at all. Runs great still. I use narrator and go into the same settings, but as I go through, I hear my monkey man speak out that the resolution is 96x96x96 with no options. I continue to advanced, where there's... nothing. The advanced button no longer works. So I head to the run command and bring up the Device Manager to enable that way. Display Adapter is gone completely. I even did a walkthrough to enable from the display Device Manager.

    I try all the boot modes, my BIOS has no area for graphics settings. Safe with/out command sticks at mup.sys. The other modes leave me black screened.

    I go back in, try to install basic and NVidia drivers from a CDRom, with Narrator's help again. Still says no hardware for NVidia found and the other kept erroring out.

    Here's the quirks:
    I have no Win CD. I just got it, Ma trashed the disc when I took the laptop and it's XP Home, which meant I needed to burn a disc before it died. Even so, it seems the Recovery solution hasn't worked in the very limited info I've been Googling for the last 3 hours.

    Display adapter is completely missing.

    Advanced button in the desktop settings doesn't go anywhere.

    I would install my copy of Win XP Pro to get it going, but from again, the limited info, this does not fix the problem either.

    Is the only solution at this point to completely reformat with my own Win XP?

    From there, it still seems that the drivers never worked with XP even though HP says they do. Am I stuck forever in cheesy blur mode if I stick with XP?

    Thanks in advance, hopefully, there's some more detailed advice here than what I've been able to find.
  2. dustin_ds3000

    dustin_ds3000 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 880   +20

    it seams to me what you need to to do is reinstall windows vista and then go from there, if you have some money then go buy windows 7
  3. Seola

    Seola TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not sure if I corrupted something deeply, but I'm trying my copy of Windows 7 and I'm getting the standard win32 application error. Should I wipe this from the inside? I can still navigate fairly well with narrator, so is there something I can do inside first to clean it up?
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