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HP Pavillion DV 6000 stopped picking up wireless networks

By orisin ยท 5 replies
Sep 12, 2010
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  1. Hello
    my laptop stopped picking up wireless network, it wont' recognized the wireless assistant, I tried every possible solution online (updating bios, reinstalling the drivers, changed the network card) and still nothing. any suggestions? will buying a usb wireless adapter give me the option to connect to wireless networks?

    Thank you

  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,974   +74

    Welcome to the club and I don't say that sarcastically; I feel your pain. This is quite a well known problem with HP's DV 6000 series; a series that had MAJOR failures with their motherboards due to poor cooling. Their 9000 series also had epic fails. One tech guy that I know told me that in their shop the wireless card failing was the beginning sign of motherboard issues.

    Its not your wireless card per se though. I speak from personal experience as my daughter's wireless connection died as well. I even replaced the card and it still didn't work. I also did everything you mentioned plus I followed HP's instructions. I even contacted them and the cost to fix was rediculous. They even said it most likely is a motherboard issue after I did everything they instructed to resolve the issue.

    So to answer your last question: Yes, a USB wireless adapter will work. It did for my daughter and we hope this system will last us till she graduates this coming May.
  3. orisin

    orisin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your reply
    HP told me the same thing and the cost was $297, it's annoying cause the computer works great other than the wireless connection. I'll go ahead and buy that USB wireless adapter, any brand recommendations? tnx again
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,974   +74

    You're right; my daughter's works quite well too. I purchased a TP Link wireless from NewEgg. See this link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...Description=USB wireless adapter&name=TP-LINK

    The second and third models look ideal. For my daughter I purchased the last one in line but if I had to do it over I would have picked another one. Her's works okay and doesn't experience all the issues others do but it is weaker than I'd like in that it must be more in line with the wireless access point to connect.
  5. orisin

    orisin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tnx for the tip

    I bought the first one and I'm waiting for it in the mail
  6. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    well, the problem itself lies in northbridge nf-g6100-n-a2. it starts to do some disturbances in pci-ex bus, thus prevenring the wireless to be detected by system. you can try to do CMOS reset and update BIOS, but the problem will be repeated in the future.

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