HP ProLiant Serve ML350

By Weird Nerd
Jul 19, 2012
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  1. Am trying to install Win 8 Server OS R2 on my HP Proliant Server ML350 but when I choose custom installation in order to format my hard drives, I don't see any drive installed error. Pls any help?

    I have a server 2003 on it already but since then I get a "blue screen of death" when I try to use that OS already installed.
  2. ITLogicSystems

    ITLogicSystems TS Booster Posts: 28   +7

    Sounds like windows 8 does not have the hard drive controller driver built in to the OS. Try going to the HP website to see if there is a hard drive controller driver for windows 8. if so great! if not, you may be SOL.
  3. alexe3831

    alexe3831 TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    What type of hard drive do you have, model wise? I installed Win 8 Server R2 just fine on my HP.

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