HP psc 1315 Printer

By CandyAppleRed
Jun 4, 2007
  1. Ireally hope I did this right but if not and directed to the correct place this will not happen again. Thank you
    But if in the Right Place This is my problem:confused:

    I have a HP psc 1315 Printer. I contacted HP Support today and they did indeed help me with a FREE Download of the Software Installation CD. The funny part is that earlier I did the Initial Set Up and had to scan the Test Page then turn down in Scanner and push scan. I did not see any problems but I did not have the printer software/nor hooked up to Pc. So I figured the document did scan. As I type I have the 1315 which apparently has the Software Installation installed. And I have a Black and White Typed Text Document that I would like to Scan and then now or later edit.
    But when I go to Hp Director it does not appear. I tried all of the others openings under the HP (which is listed under my Start>programs>HP section.
    HP Director will not appear at all so therefore I will never be able to get the Doc to scan. I did do something that did ask me to press scan because the Document I wanted was not visible; when I did say scan the Document: But It showed that it was not receiving anything from the scanner?

    I did copy a paper thru the top of printer. As well as edit and print a saved Doc in my PC. The Problem I am running into is that I can Not get the HP Director to appear and that will not scan into PC as to where I can Edit and Print the New Document out.
    So If ANY1 can or will help me with this Problem I would Be So Appreciative for the effort.

    Thank You So Much

    If I went to Hp Support today and they helped with downloading and installing the Software Installation cd.

    I can not uninstall and reinstall can I?
    Fore if I do I would have to Contact HP Support again right?
  2. raybay

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    It is a very unreliable printer in the best of circumstances.
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