Hp ze2000 fan speed uncontroled

By computers4chris
Jan 8, 2009
  1. Hello I have a hp ze2000 when I turn my computer on my fan runs at full speed and gradualy over a 10 sec period slows down til it stops. I have tried everything I can think of any help would be appriciated. The fallowing are steps I preformed to fix the problem:
    have updated the bios and then reverted the bios both flashed did not fix the problem.

    I replaced the fan, same problem. Any other subjestions???

    One last note even when I have not booted up windows and only boot to the bios the fan still does the same thing.
  2. Marxtheboss

    Marxtheboss TS Rookie

    My packard bell Runs at full speed and then goes to 1500RPM, it is totally normal on mine :D

    My fans run for about 5-10 sec, and then it boots:p

    But if you fans stand COMPLETE still there must be something wrong whit the BIOS??:S
  3. computers4chris

    computers4chris TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I dont believe its normal for the computer to run at full speed every 30 sec. I think the computers bios should tell it when to come on if it gets hot, the funny thing is it comes on full blast for about 1 second and then kicks of slowly down to nothing over a 10 sec period then like clockwork same thing over and over. I have several laptops an none have done this befor.
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