HTC launches 7-inch Flyer tablet, throws in a stylus


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As expected, HTC has officially joined the tablet fray at Mobile World Congress 2011 with its own 7-inch device. The HTC Flyer touts a 1.5GHz single-core CPU, 1GB of RAM plus 32GB of flash storage, an aluminum unibody construction, and 1024 x 600 resolution. It will ship with Android 2.4 onboard, rather than the latest 3.0 Honeycomb build, but a refreshed version of the company's Sense UI will run on top to optimize the software for tablet use.

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Wow. Android 3.0 has a perfectly fine interface/ Why do these *****s need to throw on their own UI and make it so updates aren't instantly available.

And that's just me hoping that the tablet will get to 3.0 at all.


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aj_the_kidd said:
It will ship with Android 2.4 onboard, rather than the latest 3.0 Honeycomb build
I would hope they have an 3.0 update in the future
For one thing it includes a pressure-sensitive capacitive stylus
Cool, nice addition
not intended to be used for navigation
Thats a fail, a 7" screen is great for Navigation

With HTC it probably will get to 3.0. But it'll have sense plastered all over it which will slow update releases and cause issues because every other tablet will run stock honeycomb.
Many of us wished that Microsoft had continued with their Courier pen tablet project. The HTC Flyer / Scribe combo with OneNote compatibility looks very similar in operation.

As for Honeycomb, supposedly it will come with it. And as any Android user knows, you can replace the Sense UI with a stock or other launcher.