HTC said to be working on bigger, badder One M8 Prime smartphone

Shawn Knight

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Leaks leader @evleaks claims a new version of HTC's One M8 smartphone is just over the horizon. Tentatively known as the HTC One M8 Prime, this handset will be bigger and faster than the existing flagship although the leaked photos...

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All the fancy feature of top end phones eventually filter down to the lower range and the novelty doesn't last long anyway. Why pay more than you should?


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As The Verge highlights, the Prime doesn’t appear to be as seamless as the M8. Anyone needing proof of that should have a look at the camera which protrudes from the back of the chassis.
Oh ye of little faith. I really doubt the protruding camera is HTC's idea of being cheap and copying Samsung. I'd put my money on it being very functional, perhaps even having something we've yet to see in any smartphone camera: an optical zoom.

HTC's phone cameras are awesome in low light, but have low megapixels. Not a big deal unless you want to zoom in. But with optical zoom that problem would be partially fixed. You still couldn't crop well afterward but you'd be able to zoom in beforehand. I'd easily trade a bump (that would be made irrelevant by a case anyway) for optical zoom.


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The nice thing is, that the initial price will most likely be high (off contract), but the turn between "flagships" is getting to be less than 6 months, so, by the time the "next big thing" comes out, the price for this one will drop, and be a little more reasonable, and STILL have killer specs enough for a lot of people to afford. The real fly in the soup, in the future, will be the put-it-together-yourself-change-the-modules thingy that Google is playing with. If that concept takes off, HOPEFULLY the days of sky high prices unless you are tied to a contract will be over. The kink in that idea would be durability. A modular phone would have to be pretty durable, considering the punishment I've seen with some smart devices.