HTML 5 Gaming Showcase: Old Classics and Modern Games You Can Play for Free

By Julio Franco ยท 11 replies
Feb 17, 2012
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  1. That version of Command & Conquer they've got up is pretty sweet. If I wasn't so busy I'd want to help build that out. It's awesome!
  2. Yep.. it's great but that's all at the level of 10 years ago. It's nice to see it progressing but the problem is that these games simply don't run the same or without issues across platforms and browsers.

    Compare that to latest Flash games (including the super awesome version of Angry Birds on Facebook, Age of Defenders, Unreal Tournament 3 and many others) and you see how far Flash is compared to HTML5. Stage3D and Flash 11.x just rock people's socks off at performance and fluidity of gameplay and now with Unity3D exporting to Flash we will see some truly breathtaking games in the browser that work in any browser.

    Most of the games in HTML5 are fairly simple and interestingly enough, due to HTML5 shortcomings with audio (and number of channels and so on) Angry Birds version on Chrome Store is still using Flash for some audio stuff.
  3. @Guest above, the HTML5 version of those games run as fast and looks as nice on flash...
  4. "Other famous first-person shooters have also been ported to HTML, including Doom -- which was taken down after a cease and desist notice from Id Software"

    Seriously? A game from 1993 was taken down due to cease and desist notice?
  5. treetops

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  6. HTML 5 Free games (tested with Chrome)
    Cut the Rope:
    Angry Birds (beta):

    They all run smooth on my PC.
  7. pff google..
    This is a way better pacman example!
  8. cliffordcooley

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    I thought the same thing.
  9. Angry Birds can't be considered an HTML5 game because it doesn't play without Flash installed. It requires Flash for audio.

    Another good HTML5 game is World's Biggest Pacman:
  10. Command and Conquer - HTML5 - Progress update and Demo -

    This is a demo of the new version I am working on, with more units, levels and multiplayer support...
  11. Html 5 runs on apple, ps, vita 3ds and is a lot less resource hungry than flash

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