Hughes Net good or bad?

By TorturedChaos
Dec 7, 2009
  1. Ok well my room mates aunt is getting internet in eastern Montana, and one option is Huges Net, which I noticed has some retarded 200 MB per day bandwidth threshold.

    Here is what I would like to know:

    1) Does anyone know if they have a monthly bandwidth cap also? I looked around on there website and didn't see anything on it.

    2) How hard is it to use 200 MB in a day for your average very non-tech savy person. She uses facebook, might hit up youtube some, and that's about it. I am having a hard time imagining that b/c I WoW, use Vent & Skype, and use bittorrents.

    3) And has anyone used them and could give me some feed back on how good their service is? I'm not sure what her other options was, but I will see if I can find out.

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