Hulu's new design aims for consistency across Disney bundle

Shawn Knight

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Hulu on Wednesday announced some changes to its user interface that should bring the platform in line with others that users are already familiar with.

Moving forward, users will now be able to navigate collections vertically and explore within a collection by moving horizontally. Hulu said this layout mirrors what is already found on Disney+ and ESPN+, the two other streaming platforms that make up the $12.99 Disney bundle.

Furthermore, Hulu will be moving categories of content like TV, movies and sports to the master navigation, giving users a clearer path to find what they are looking for. You’ll also notice that new shows and suggestions will be shown with larger tiles while “keep watching” titles will be smaller so you can see more of them at a glance.

Hulu is making some changes to its backend as well, blending human curated content with its automated recommendation engine for more personalized suggestions.

The new UI will be available from today for select viewers on Roku and tvOS devices and will be rolling out on a broader scale over the coming months.

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