Hyundai's walking car concept is a godsend for first responders

Shawn Knight

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Hyundai at CES 2019 is showcasing what it describes as the first vehicle with movable legs, blending its expertise in EVs with advanced robotics to create an ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV).

The Hyundai Elevate Concept essentially combines the best elements of a rugged off-road vehicle with those of a humanoid robot (think Boston Dynamics).

The passenger pod is supported by four robotic legs with five degrees of freedom in addition to an in-wheel propulsion system. This means it can function like a traditional vehicle, capable of traveling at highway speeds with passive suspension. When the terrain gets a bit bumpier, it can switch to active driving suspension or transform into a walking robot, mimicking mammalian or reptilian style gaits.

When the going gets especially treacherous, omnidirectional mobility combines both walking gaits for even more flexibility. You really need to watch the concept video to get a solid understanding of how it all works. It’s quite brilliant.

Along with aerial drones, Elevate could help provide a one-two punch for first responders. Here’s to hoping the project makes it past the concept phase.

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This will be the way to go if the road surfaces in UK get much worse. Their already getting very dangerous for two wheeled traffic.
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Uncle Al

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It's only concept? Geeezzzzeeeeee ..... do us a favor and keep it under wraps until you have a concept version we can actually see work!


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I was saying almost twenty years ago that we need this design for Mars missions. If it proved successful then similar vehicles would be quickly be produced for military and emergency services and eventually well-to-do civilians. Hyundai was foolish to publicize this concept before having a working prototype - now China will have a cheap and dangerous version of it by the end of next year and claim full credit for the idea.

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I know I said I wasn't going to comment again ever, but it has to be asked.... the real question is can it launch nukes?