I can't access one website and all addons

By camz
Feb 14, 2009
  1. Hi

    I have recently been unable to connect to my website no1combination.com (this is my first thread so it wont let me add the full link

    It suddenly happened after I am sure there was an update from something on my computer.
    I can not also access /administrator or /cpanel

    I have read 2 similar threads on here but niether resolved the issue.
    I noticed someone else had this issue who was using Avg (which i think updated) with another antivirus I was using this with mcafee.

    Done so far:
    System Restore back to date Before avg was installed
    Tried to delete temp files which reappear straight away??

    Very puzzled, do i need to re-instore Vista?

    Please help

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