I cant download skype

By PudCommand
Sep 6, 2014
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  1. I tried to download skype continously says <installing skype failed, code 1603 A fatal error occured during installation> please help. Thanks! :)
  2. PudCommand

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  3. mike1959

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    If you search for 'code 1603' you will find a good deal of info about this, you could read through and see what applies to your PC set up.
    Can you say which Windows version you are using?
    But it seems that you need to uninstall what you might have installed already, and reinstall 'as administrator'.
    Also the error does seem to be connected to .net framework issues, so it might be worth looking at that.
    If you are getting and installing windows updates it should not happen.
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  4. bluejolls

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    I've just rooted and installed froyo on my android. I had no problems with getting skype and running it.

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