I cant install drivers

By jtobian2
Aug 8, 2009
  1. So, i have a dell dimension 3000. got a nasty virus that nothing could get rid of. So i finally reformatted, basically at the point where i had no other choice. And like an ***** i didnt save my drivers before it was too late. I run windows xp pro. so the issue is when i go to the dell website and download the drivers, i can download no problem, but when i try to run the file off the desktop, there is no default program to run the .application file. I cant figure out how to run the driver to install it into my drivers folder.

    I have tried going into the device manager, and trying pretty much every method for the computer to find the driver... no luck.

    side note: i reformatted once a few days ago, but with windows xp home, and i was able to download and install the drivers off of the dell site (the issue with that is i dont have a product key to register windows). i did this just to make sure it would work while i waited for my xp pro cd in the mail.

    another side note: if i end up just re-re-reformatting with xp home, will my xp pro product key work with it?
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    dell offer 2 ways of downloading, 1 is a stupid bloomin program that only works if you have an original dell installed OS, the other is the normal way..

    delete your cookies and go back to the start and you will get the chance to use the stupid method or use internet explorer.

    I found this out myself and i think it sucks...
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    1) You can use ProduKey to find and print! the MS product keys on your current system
    2) I'd advise looking through Add/Remove Programs to remind you of any other installed software you've paid for and need to first find it's product key
    3) In general, to find your Driver files
    Click for the driver page listed by System Vendor Find your System Vendor, click for their driver support site. Enter your model number, then download your drivers as needed
    4) of course, i'm sure you'll be backing up all your stuff first. But if you use/consider using a backup that can ghost/clone your hard drive you get the additional security of being able to recover the current drive pre-reformat image if need be (to recover keys/iDS you may have forgotten to look for the first time)
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    His problem isnt with keys to the OS or anything like that, if you go to the dell website and choose to use their download manager it downloads a small program that for some reason wont work.

    The fix is actually stated on the page "http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/downloads/en/downloads_faq?c=us&l=en&s=gen#link1"

    I chose Dell Driver Download Manager but now I no longer want to use it, what do I do?

    To make the pop up appear again so you can chose not to download via the browser empty the cookies for you internet browser. Choose the second option for Internet Browser and ensure the remember by selection box is ticked on the bottom right of the pop up.

    Simple but a bit confusing for the novice...
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