I cant start my computer without a system restore

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Sep 4, 2008
  1. hello my computer was messing up it started when i tried to start the computer and it kept cycling through the gateway screen and i cut it off and did a restore with the cd to save my files then after that it worked fine for a while then it wouldn't start again and i did a system restore with the computer to an earlier time and then that worked for a while till i cut it off and it says windows could not start regularly now my computer works but i have to system restore to an earlier time for it to work and i came here for help so someone please help me i have a gateway 835 gm with windows xp operating system
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    Did you know that you can put period at the end of one sentence, then start a new sentence? You have 5 unending lines of text that are very difficult to read.

    Let's try to sort this out:
    IF you used the CD, didn't you do a Repair, not a Restore? You don't use the CD to do a System Restore.
    Apparently you did not let either the start up or the shut down complete.

    What do you mean when you say the 'Windows can't start regularly'? What happens? Black screen? Blue screen? Error message? What.

    How do you get in to do a System Restore if the Startup isn't happening? When you say 'it wouldn't start again'- what doesn't start. Does it boot? Does Windows Load?
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    the gateway screen pops up then it says loading windows xp then it goes black and stays that way and i system restore by going into the safe mode then doing a sysem restore the error pops up when i try to turn on the computer saying windows could not be started normally thats when i started it in safe mode and do the sysem restore to an earlier time i think one of my drivers is messing it up because i have idt audio codec and whenever i system restore the idt audio asks to be installed
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    If the problem is an application that's causing it to freeze, doing a System Restore back to date before the app problem will work. Device drivers or auto loading software (browser hijackers for example) don't load in Safe Mode.

    So you need to go into Safe Mode> Control Panel> System> Hardware tab> Device Manager and look for any yellow triangles w/black exclamation mark. This shows an error with a device.
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    i was already doing that and whenever i unistall the driver it starts normally and asks to install it then i install it and it says it was installed fine and the sound works then when i cut it off it freezes on the black screen there was a driver that was unknown that was trying to load one time but i unistalled that one but i believe its the IDT high definition audio codec thats causing the problem because thats the one if i unistall and restart it asks me to reinstall it and if i dont the sound wont work so if u know what i should do pls tell me
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