Hardware I can't switch from Ubuntu back to Windows Vista

I recently bought a laptop from my school and it came with Ubuntu installed on it. I wanted to switch to windows because that is what I have always used. So when I put the windows vista installation disk into the **** drive and rebooted my laptop it didn't boot into it. So I opened the disk up in Ubuntu and loaded the setup.exe (which I had to install wine to use), however when I tried to load the installation it said this:

"This computer does not have enough space for temporary files. Windows installation needs atleast 448 megabytes (MB) of space of any partition for temporary files. To install Windows, free enough space and restart the installation.

error code: 0x80004005"

I have around 200 gb of free space on my drives though. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to be able to install vista? I'm completely lost by now.


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You need to change the boot order in BIOS, so your computer will boot from the DVD, rather than the disk.